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    Well, we're finally making some progress. PART of my IEE request was approved, they will pay for an autism and social skills evaluation, not a full neruo psychiatric evaluation like I requested but its better than nothing.

    I also talked to the sped director and she said they're going to qualify him with OHI for ADHD and suggest direct social skills training, handwriting goals, and counseling. They're also going to do a full speech/language evaluation over the summer (even though I suggested that last time they're not going to get to it over the summer).

    So I've got the IEE scheduled for 6/17 and the school is working out the payment details.

    The ARD meeting is tomorrow and the last day of school is Friday so this year was a bust, but at least things will be in place for next year.
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    Had the next meeting today! It went pretty well.

    We qualified him for services with "other health impairment" for ADHD.

    He's going to be getting the following weekly services:
    - 1 hour a week of direct teach social skills (by the spec. ed teacher)
    - 45 minutes a week handwriting whatever you call it with the Special Education teacher (not Occupational Therapist (OT) though)
    - 20 minutes a week of counseling

    They're going to do the speech/lang evaluation over the summer.

    Not part of the meeting (because its not an ARD committee decision) we discussed next year. Because his IQ/testing scores were all so high the diagnostician wants him to take the test to skip 2nd grade. Obviously because he's immature and has social skills deficiets he won't go full time but if he passes the test she suggests pulling him out for math and science to do those with 3rd grade. . I am curious to see how the test goes.
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    Wow! Lucky you and child for the skipping grades thing. This can certainly help with "boredom/frustration" issues. I thught for sure they were going to consider DD2 for something like that, but no luck here.

    Congrats on the IEP and IEE scheduled. First of many hurdles. :winnersmiley:
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    What a great school -- skipping grades can be so detrimental but by leaving him in 2nd grade and challenging him up to 3rd grade in some subjects is wonderful.