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Does anyone's kid with bipolar have problems wetting the bed at night? My son is 11 and still wears a pull up at night. He usually wets throught the pull up and on to the bed. I know as far as his bipolar, bed wetting should be the least of my worries, but he is tired of it and so am I.


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Yes, I have experienced that exactly. My daughter wet the bed until she was twelve. She wore pull-ups and then good-nites until she just couldn't fit them anymore. She had a sleepover one night when she was 12 yo and the girls slept in the same bed and my daughter peed right in the bed. She woke me up and was in a panic as she didn't want her friend to know she wet the bed. So I told her to go back to bed and I would bring her a glass of water and spill it on the bed. After some convincing she agreed, got back in the bed and I did as I said I would. It worked, her friend had no idea she wet the bed. And that was the last time she did. So, don't worry it won't last forever.

Hang in there:)


Mom? What's a difficult child?
When my difficult child was on Risperdal she had a few accidents, I know I have read of a few parents here whose g'sfg especially boys have enuresis, especially on certain medications. It seems like I have read that Risperdal was one that caused it... did he have this problem prior to the Risperdal? How long had it been going on?

My difficult child 1 didn't potty train until 4yo. BiPolar (BP) kids tend to have sensory issues regarding elimination... and then if they are heavy sleepers once they are asleep... sometimes they can't feel it or wake in time.
Hopefully someone will come along who has dealt with this! Good Luck!

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My 9 year old had had problems. I thought we had it under control and then in the last month since he started taking increase dosages of Lamictal it has started up again-sigh.


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My difficult child still wets the bed. I notice when he has more dairy, he has more accidents. He knows this, and isn't allowed dairy at home, but he sneaks it every chance he gets. And, he drinks it at school.

He's done it since before medications so I know it's not the medications in his case.

I outgrew the problem in 7th grade, I keep hoping he will earlier.



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My son wet the bed until he was 12--not bi-polar. My brother had the same issue . Not only can you get the nasal spray, you can try Imapramine (pills). It did not work for my son but did for my brother. He outgrew it as his Dr. told him he would.

I know how completely frustrating it is for both parent and child.

hang in there!


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yes at school all so and more so before medications. you must have been reading my mind cuz i was going to post this also.

yesterday difficult child had an accident at school and over night last nite.
when this all started big time in dec it was almost every nite for a wk. now it is a couple of times a mth.

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Yup, same here. difficult child is turning 6 in June and has always peed at night. Same as you, he often pees right through the pull up. His room stinks of pee even though I wash his bedding constantly. I have read that kids with BiPolar (BP) can have this issue so it certainly fits here!
I always run the bath in the morning in hopes of getting him in but depending on his mood, there are days when he doesn't and I am sure he goes to school smelling like pee :nonono:
but he unfortunately doesn't seem to care.


Pixie does not wet the bed anymore, although she did well into her 4th year, and not knowing anything about her GFGness back then, I was absolutely mortified.

However, she does have accidents during the day. Always at home. She'll be playing and she will either miss the sensory cue or be too caught up in the fun to pay attention to it. By the time she heads for the bathroom, she's a bit too late.



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Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. How does the nasal spray work? We just might have to try it. I really doubt if he'll take yet another pill....