8 year old girl intentionally peeing in inappropriate places


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She wets the bed and the doctor says its something she will grow out of. She just can't awaken in the night to go to the bathroom. This is something that runs in the family so I am sure it is not something to worry to much over. So she wears pullups, uses a pee pad under her and we protect the mattress with multiple layers of protection. While this is stinky and annoying I know its not on purpose. But she is peeing other places on purpose. She is peeing in the laundry room on dirty clothing on the floor and today she was mad at her sister so peed on her pillow and mattress. Besides this peeing inappropriate places issue she has no othe issues. She is a wonderful child who follows the rules and helps out around the house is kind and caring and loving. I just don't understand how an 8 year old thinks its ok to pee on someones bed if they are mad at them. She admitted she did it because she was mad at her sister. Anyone else experience anything like this?


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Maybe a counselor or therapist could show her better ways to deal with her anger. A therapist could figure out if there is a bigger psychological problem. If she’s dreaming she’s in the bathroom and urinates in the bed, those things do happen. You mentioned she is a well behaved child, so maybe start telling her you’ll take away things she likes if she keeps doing this.