What a day!


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Does anyone else just feel beat? School around here is out on the 27th and I'm dreading it. Every time I turn around something else needs to be done. Every time I start to do it, I get criticized for not doing something else instead.

I feel like I have to keep giving explanations for the same things day in and day out and I'm still not getting anything done. I'm trying to learn a graphics package so I can try and start my own business, but my difficult child's, daughter, husband, father and two sisters are constantly "rectally inserted". I swear, if I had to have a colonoscopy, I'd have to ask the doctor if he charged extra to remove the family members first.

I had been looking for a job on the outside, but every time I had an interview, I'd have to rush home afterwards, I'd have to rush home because someone was acting up in school and the school "had to see me immediately". Finally, difficult child #1 confessed that he was afraid for me to go to work. So I come up with this great business plan to start my own business, but everytime I sit down at the computer, the phone rings (oh my Gosh, I'm not kidding, my sister is calling me AS I'M TYPING THIS!!!! AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!


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Does the word "overwhelmed" mean anything to you? LOL I swear, I've gotten more mileage out of that feeling in recent years than I don't know what! I know the feeling of working your tush off all day and getting absolutely nothing accomplished all too well...or you actually DO get something accomplished, but everyone else in your life seems to feel it just isn't significant enough to them. Ugh.

And yes...my 3 yr old inturrupts every single thing I do.

I guess I'm just replying to say I can relate. So, big hugs going out to you tonight!!!!


Time for you to take care of YOU, and start saying NO to sisters and husband. Take care of only what you absolutely must for difficult children, and delegate the rest to husband.

I say, good for you for having the guts to start your own business!



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Working from home is tough. To keep my family at bay, I got a new landline and didn't give them that number. The "family" line was connected to an answering machine and I turned the ringer off. I would check the messages at regular intervals. The school had my cell phone number only.

Give yourself a set schedule probably working for an hour, off for 30 minutes, back on for an hour, etc. Let friends and family know that you are unavailable during those times. Yes, even for emergencies. Do not answer the phone during your work time. Let them call your answering machine. There are few emergencies that can't wait 60 minutes and, if they can't wait, there's not much you could do about it until you find out about them, just like if you were at the store and left your cell phone at home.

As to your #1 being afraid of you working outside the home, has he told you why he is afraid? And maybe you should keep it a secret when you have an interview? Then, if you get a job, you can sit down and talk to everyone and let them know you're still the momma and still love them. You're not going away, just doing other stuff.

Good luck in your endeavors.


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Thank you all so much...I usually look at things in a really positive light, but the past 2 weeks have been crazy and I guess I got stressed out.

I know I can make this graphics company work once I learn the program but since my family (both immediate AND extended) has decided to put the "fun" back in "disfunctional", I'm going to start writing down ALL of my experiences and either write a book or go on the road doing stand-up. Heck, everyone needs a fall-back plan!!!!

Thanks again for the positive words & thoughts!