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The difference between dealing with a easy child and a difficult child still amazes me sometimes. My 17 year old easy child daughter a few weeks ago, skipped some kind of program at school and got caught. It wasn't a regular class, but something in the gym she felt she didn't need to go to?? Anyway, she was given an after school detention. She goes right from school to work everyday at the daycare, so she skipped the detention, which she was then given 2 more detentions for. Well she skipped those also, telling me that she can't do after school detentions because of her job. (I guess she feels she's exempt :smile: )I knew it would catch up to her and just sat back and waited for natural consequences to kick in. Yesterday she calls me all upset because she was given 4 days in school suspension next week for skipping all of her detetions and she's all upset about it telling me it's rediculous and can I call the school?? I told her of course not and just kept reminding her that if she hadn't skipped anything in the first place, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

The difference being, this would have caused such drama with my difficult child and he probably would have ended up getting expelled, but easy child actually thought about what I said and knows she needs to just suck it up, do the i.s.s. and not skip anymore.

What a difference a easy child makes :smile: They actually learn from their mistakes pretty quickly.

My first reaction was to ground her, but then I thought about my comments to her about natural consequences. She is receiving the consequences that fit the crime and I don't have anything to do with it.


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Karen, what a perfect example of "what goes around, comes around." It sounds like your daughter will learn a lot from this situation and you didn't even need your warrior Mom suit.

Excellent :thumb: .



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I know what ya mean. my older son was in trouble ONCE in high school. I went to meet the principal. seems my older son smoked outside the school at a sports event. the principal had never met me and said it was the first time he had ever met my son.

fast forward 5 yrs and they had my number on speed dial for ant. ugh

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Teen reasoning can be so funny at times. :rofl:

Good for you for implimenting natural concequences on this one. :bravo:


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easy child sounds like a sweetheart, KFld!

And you are right. There is a HUGE difference in the way a difficult child reacts.

And it is a really good thing for us to remember that ~ it's so darn hard to keep a sense of perspective about it when we're tying ourselves in knots trying to figure out what went wrong with the difficult children.

It probably really IS the GFGness.

I am glad you posted this one.

Now, where did I put the rest of those peanut M&Ms, anyway....




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:surprise: I had two PCs first before GFGmom was born. It's a
shocker going in either direction...lol. DDD


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Karen ~ Must be something in the air! My easy child made some not so good decisions before prom and she is grounded.

I too have really thought about the differences in her and her brother. I was able to say you did A.B.C. so you have to lose A.B.C. She showed remorse, she has been satisfied with staying home grounded all week and she apologized to all those involved,including ME.

Boy! Talk about night and day differences!

Barbara ~ Just want to warn you, I craved peanut M&M's in the pounder bags when I was pregnant with difficult child!!! :smile: