What a Week!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 22, 2012.

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    We still have no internet at our house, so while you are in my thoughts and prayers daily, i cannot contact you daily.

    Jess and I went shopping with my mom a week ago. She asked to go sit down on some furniture while we shoped, saying her knee hurt. Twenty min later I was paged by the store. She was in the office with a police officer with a lot of stuff in her purse that she tried to steal. no real answer why, she just liked the stuff nd wanted to look at it, wanted it. she was very upset, remorseful, and scared. we have a ticket, huge fine, and a court date in july.

    We are disappointed, of course, and have put very strict rules for her being in public. The difference between a easy child who makes a mistake like this and difficult child is that the easy child doesn't fight the new rules. jess has been very good at following the rules, even when she is with husband and he forgets them.

    No idea how to cope with this other than to stick with the new rules untl she is mature enough to make better choices. She isn't shopping much of anywhere for quite a while though.
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    I love seeing you, however often you can visit!!!

    That really doesn't sound like Jess, although... It does seem as if it isn't a recurring thing, or she wouldn't have gotten caught. I'm glad she is sticking with the new rules... DHs tend to forget, I've noticed. LOL!

    :hugs: we miss you, sweetie!
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    So good to see you Susie!!

    I know it doesn't make what she did any better, but every kid tries it at least once for whatever foolish reason they come up with at the time. Doesn't make her a difficult child by a long shot, plenty of pcs do it right along with difficult children.

    In a way, it's a good thing she got caught straight away.........and that you've placed new restrictions on her to reinforce it. I doubt she'll be inclined to repeat it in the future once she has regained your trust again. As losing your trust is probably hurting her the most right now, not that all the other stuff is all that great to deal with either.

    Stop by whenever you can. Miss you!