What about Hell's Kitchen?


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Okay, so I guess I have decided I'm a reality show addict. Okay, now I've admitted it and can get on with life, right? :grin:

Anyone watch Hell's Kitchen? This is the third season and husband and I love it. I wouldn't attempt to make dry toast and tea for Gordon Ramsay, but it sure is fun to watch these poor folks scrambling.

The first season cooks had a disadvantage in that they may not have known what he was really like, :devil: but I can find no excuse for the third season cooks. They have obviously seen the first two seasons and still put their names in to be picked.

Interesting crew this season. Very diverse. I was surprised to see who went home last night first, though. And, hoping that Julia the short-order cook gets her chance to shine and outlasts some of the others who think she can't do it.

husband and I say that Hells Kitchen is sort of our summer junk food for the mind show. One of the few we watch together, anyway.

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This is funny Jamie, because my exh told easy child to watch this show....she's in culinary school!!! She was afraid to watch it because she didn't want it to scare her off!! Haha -

I've watched it a couple of times but I'm not a big fan - I just think he's over the top abusive. I've worked in many kitchens and not all head chef/bosses are like that nor do they need to be. on the other hand, expecting perfection isn't such a bad thing when you're preparing the public's food, huh? It's an interesting show. Kind of loud too.


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L still tries to tell me that my father - who has never had a kind word to say about me - implies that he feels that I am a good person because he says I am a good cook. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, Gordon Ramsey is a good cook too, that doesn't mean that people think he's a good person. Unfortunately, L doesn't watch Gordon Ramsey and doesn't get my point...

Mind you, when I asked my father to say one good thing about me, he said "I like your husband", "You have a nice house", and when pressed, "You are a good cook". Oooh, don't get all gushy on me!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> i totally missed out on the first season...like i did with-so you think you can dance &lt;sigh&gt;.

i love ramsey. his over the top behavior is part of the fun. i'm always incredulous when contestants on shows like this & claim to not know what ramsey's like...or simon cowell....or how survivor works. them am stupid.

yes, ramsey can be a complete boor, but they do learn a tremendous amount about cooking & running a tight kitchen.

i felt sorry for julie. they were all so snotty to her. when no one else can fry the bloody eggs who do you think might be most qualified. uhm, maybe the short order cook? ya think? she was trying so hard too. i hope she gets a chance to prove herself.

while i thought the two who got put on the chopping block were good choices i would have rather the other one had gone home. i really dislike her & her attitude.

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Ramsay has a very low frustration point in the kitchen when it comes to incompetance - but I do agree he gets a little too abusive. Should take some anger management courses LOL. Of course, that's why they gave him his own show - because of how he swears and yells at them. He's a very different person when he takes the winners out for reward trips etc., and isn't shy to give praise when they do a good job. Last night's show he was pretty consoling to the guy who wasn't feeling well and had broken down crying before service - I missed parts but I don't think Ramsay had even started yelling yet LOL. And when Julia started crying with frustration because they wouldn't let her help fry an egg (which was holding up the entire kitchen), he was very good with getting out why she was crying and what the problem was and didn't yell at her. I think he yells more in Hell's Kitchen because that's the premise of the show, it wouldn't be Hell's Kitchen otherwise it would be just a cooking competition. His other show, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, he does swear and tell them not to be idiots etc. but he's not as abusive in my opinion.

Last night's show, I was glad he picked her Tiffany to go. She was an idiot. I couldn't believe the ones who kept saying Julia should be the one to go just because she was a short order cook in a waffle house. She was the only one who finally fried a stinkin' egg for cryin' out loud. Just because she's a short order cook doesn't mean she can't cook other stuff. I hope she gets a chance to got farther.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> ramsey's penchant for apoplexy is definitely part of the show's ah hem....charm lol.

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Oh, there is no doubt Chef Ramsay can be a bit of a jerk. That is exactly why we keep watching. But, like I said - these people have had two seasons to watch those hopeful Chefs come before them - they should not be almost passing out over the stress of admitting which 'signature dish' is theirs - they had to have known what they were signing up for before they got there.

I wouldn't want to sign on to fold napkins in the restaurant, personally. And, if this show aired during the regular viewing season, I might not be so inclined to watch it, but when everything else is in summer hiatus, it's something different to catch.

I, too, wish the other girl on the block had been eliminated. She seems to have the worst attitude of all the contestants. I hope the short order cook keeps on surprising everyone.