What about the kid who ran away from home?

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Did anyone hear about the 9 y/o boy who ran away from his home? He was able to foil the security at the airport and get to Texas!! He apparently had run away from home several times. When they interviewed the mom she said he doesn't like thier new home and has tried to return to TX many times before. She made no excuses, etc. As much as it was appalling, you have to give the kid some credit for his tenacity! Holy. I just thought, "wow, that kid must be a difficult child"!


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I saw that. I wanted to know HOW IN THE WORLD does a NINE year old boy "TALK" his way onto an airplane without a ticket??? WHERE was the head of the steward that allowed this kid to get on board WITHOUT calling the authorities? I bet that person is NOT employed today.

WOW....that is some smooth operator.
at nine?


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YEs, led the police in a 90mph chase. Mom said he learned to drive from playing Grand Theft Auto on Xbox. :wildone:

Next day talked his way onto a Southwest flight.

That kid is going to be a master criminal someday. :wildone:


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I was wondering the same thing. Not only is he only nine years old, he was by himself, wasn't he? I don't have much experience with this, but a long time ago when my daughter was 12 she made a trip by herself from Nashville to Orlando and we had to go through all kinds of paperwork for her to fly as an "unaccompanied minor". They may have changed some of this by now, but she had to be on a direct flight, no stop-overs or changing planes, and we had to give all kinds of information on who was allowed to pick her up when she got to Orlando. The airline personnel never left her alone for even a minute. They seated her next to an old lady who never moved once during the whole trip ... in fact, she was afraid for a while that the lady was dead (she wasn't)! They kept a close eye on her during the flight and when she got there, her aunt had to show I.D. and sign for her like she was a little package! Then when she came back home, the whole process was reversed. That makes it all the harder to believe that a 9 year old just waltzed his little self on a plane by himself with no ticket! There was an article in the paper about this today ... wasn't it saying that he made more than one flight...?


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What is a 9 year old doing playing Grand Theft Auto? Isnt it rated Mature?

I cant even remember the details of how to send a child alone on an airplane. I used to fly alone and I sent Billy alone a couple of times but I cant remember how it was done. Im pretty darn sure neither of us could have waltzed on the plane without a ticket. Maybe he snuck on without anyone seeing him? But that doesnt bode well for airport security.

Yes...he is definitely a little difficult child.


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What is a 9 year old doing playing Grand Theft Auto? Isnt it rated Mature?

[/ QUOTE ]

I do not allow my children to purchase, or play (though, I know they have at one neighbor's house) mature games. It grates me up the wall that parents actually purchase these games for their kids. Son has begged, argued, and threatened, if I didn't purchase some mature game for him.



That boy must be one charmer with very sharp wits. Amazing! And, very frightening.