What do you think of this idea?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I got to thinking about this yesterday while I was sitting in my room being neglected by my own flesh and blood.

    What about renting out a room in my house but charging a very low rent which would be basically they cover their own food and a small portion of utilities. Say 1/5th of the utility bills. In exchange for that they would have to do a whole lot of cleaning around the house. In the beginning it would be a bigger job but once the bigger job was done it would be just basic cleaning around the house. Helping with keeping the kitchen clean, washing floors, helping me with laundry and folding, vacuuming. I really dont care if its a man or a woman but this would be someone we really would have to vet well.

    I wouldnt put much of this in the ad itself. I think a college kid would do well because we live in a college town and I imagine we have some kids who cant afford to live in the dorms. For about 200 or so a month, maybe a bit more depending on what they eat, they could have a place to live but they would have to take care of me. Like I told Tony, once we got the three rooms empty, we could rent out all three of them and make some fairly good money each month. Buck pays 100 a week for his place and its a shared kitchen and shared bath.

    I am really going to have to sell this one on Tony though. The one good point is it doesnt have us paying anything out. That has been his stopping point on allowing me to hire someone to come in and hire someone to help clean.
  2. slsh

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    Janet - this is actually something we've considered for the future with Boo. Low/no rent, in exchange for help with caring for him as husband and I get older and more decrepit. ;) I'm thinking college student (nursing, premed, PT, etc.) would be ideal, but absolutely, you'd have to vet them very well.
  3. Hound dog

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    Sounds like a good idea. But yes, a really really good background check, reference check would be in order.
  4. AnnieO

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    Sounds like a good basic plan. Make sure you do vet them - and make sure they sign a lease, too, if they are paying rent. (Damages, etc... Even the best people screw up.)
  5. SuZir

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    If it works, it would be good. But make sure that you are not having yet another difficult child in your house and causing troubles. If you leave the ad like that, you can bet that many of the people contacting you and being interested will be difficult children, so be careful when trying to find renter.

    And from the other side of it, first make it clear what kind of assistance you are asking from the person. How often, how much time, what exact things? And are you asking certain amount of hours or certain specific tasks? Just helping around, or to do what is asked for, will likely not work. And it will also make those people you want to apply wary. This will be a stranger, not a family member or close friend, so it is important to make a very clear cut deal, that is fair to all and that makes it clear to all parties, what is expected.
  6. InsaneCdn

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    It is harder to do with strangers.
    In an ideal world, Billy would already be doing this in return for his board and room.
    I've seen cases where it has worked with an extended-family member.
    I've done it as an adult child.

    But... in someone else's home... there's all sorts of nuances that you will trip on. Not that it can't be worked out, but you need to anticipate. For example: What does "do the dishes" mean... wash and leave to air-dry? Or wash, dry and put away?
  7. Jody

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    Sounds like a wonderful idea as long as you don't end up in the stock pot. Lol, I just couldnt resist.
  8. DDD

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    For a few years I provided a home for unwed Mothers (through Catholic Childrens Services) during their pregnancy. My obligation was to provide a family atmosphere and transport them to Dr. appts and subsequently to the hospital when they were ready to give birth. In exchange they lived free and received like $20 a week for spending money AND they straightened the house and babysat the children while I worked to support us.

    We had mutually agreed upon rules up front. They were "off duty" when I was home so they had evenings free and Sundays off. The funny thing was that only one young woman looked at it as a job. She was a hairdresser by trade and a little bit older. She was a nice person but often when I walked in the door she would say "night" and go to her room before we ate dinner etc. One was a looney toon that I had to "fire" within two weeks, lol. The others all blended in with the four of us and actually were family members...one stayed for a year after she gave up her baby.

    So...screening the people is important. A very clear list of expectation is very important. Your idea is worth exploring but I do think you'd have to be very very careful...even easy child's in college go out at night etc. and I "think" you are sound sensitive like I am so your sleep could be disrupted. Finding someone who blends with your whole family might be a challenge but I think worth considering. Hugs DDD
  9. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    It's a slippery slope. It's possible to have overly high expectations. This isn't their home and they aren't going to care for your stuff like you would. No one is going to wash the floors as well as you do but it's better than not being done at all. Expectations have to be clear. They would clean bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms once a week, maybe take trash out and do dishes but they will not be attending to everyone's demands every day. The other alternative would be they would give you 2 hrs 5 days a week to do chores. It would have to be clear what responsibilities you expect and how often. Clear expectations for both of you would be the only way this would work. Also being physically too close can cause friction. If it's a student and they are studying but the noise from tv is too loud, what happens? You have to set things up for success or it will be a nightmare. Also, things break. Having an understanding of this helps you not want to explode when an honest accident happens.
  10. DammitJanet

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    Oh I know this would have to be gone over very carefully and I would not post it like I was wanting to rent a room with all that listed. I think I would post something like Room available for rent if person is available to do some work around the home.

    We would have to both agree on all the things going on. I dont imagine many folks would really want to do it to be honest but there could be someone out there who wouldnt mind helping me getting the place fixed up and then it would take probably no more than 4 or 5 hours a week to do the work each week that I could possibly ask for.