What happens to kids when the age out of the system?

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    Hi I am new to this group and it is my first posting. I want to first say I knwo my kids are still very young being only 11 and 9 but last night I was listening to my daughter talk about how her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) symptoms were starting to coming out due to change in medicines and it got me thinkning What will happen when the age out of the system? My 2 oldest kids are both on Medicaid and ssi right now but after they turn 18 will they be responsible to get their own insurance and figure things out for themselves? I am really scared at the thought of this. I want my daughter to have a chance to go to college and I am putting money aside for this and so is my family but will she instead have to use this money just to pay for her medications and dr appts? How does she get SSI after she turns 18? My son has deslyxia and bipolar and adhdod and generalize anxiety problems. Will he be able to get benefits to keep him going until he can get on his feet and get a career? I am scared for my kids future and I just want to know that they will get a fair shot at the good life after they turn 18 but their medicines and Dr appts cost nearly 600. each a month! Has anyone else gone through this? Can anyone tell me what I should do to help keep them protected after 18? Like I said I know they have a long ways to go but I am just stressed at the thought and like to be prepared for what to expect! Thanks Hollie
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    Hollie...the kids can continue to get SSI and medicaid as adults. They will need to apply as adults right around the time they turn 18 to continue the benefits but you can help them with the apps. If they are still deemed disabled and nothing has changed with their situations then it should just move forward smoothly. Just make sure they keep up with doctor appts and therapy and medications.
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    Hi Hollie,

    WElcome to the group. Nice to have a new face. :D

    I'm currently going through this transition with our son. He turned 18 in August, but sometimes emotionally he's about a 14-16. Currently I would have to say a very good 16. It's been a long battle for him.

    As far as Medicaid - if they are still in school it's my understanding that they can receive medicaid until they are 21 as a full-time student. If I'm incorrect or it varies from state to state someone will correct me.

    Do you have a caseworker? I don't understand if your kids have medicaid how you are being charged $600 a month for medications. Did I missunderstand? (do that occasionally) Medicaid should cover all their doctors appts and prescriptions and therapy.

    I think we spend a lot of time planning for the worst and hoping for the best. A lot of what helped me was hearing from other parents here that while our kids may NOT end up with the life we dream for them - to accept the life they have and find a way to let it agree with you.

    Detachment is a key goal for any difficult child parent.

    YOu can start now to check out information on colleges, and schools and group homes etc in your area - but you have a little time yet.

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    Thank you both for your replies it makes me feel better Occupational Therapist (OT) know that the door doesn't shut on them as they become adults. I am not surewhat the future hold for my kids I just hope for the best! To answer your question about the $600.00 a month yes medicaid does cover that but with the medications and doctors appointment that is their average monthly amount each and I was thinking how can I or they keep their care going after they become 18. I know they will not just outgrow their disabilities they are life long things they will have to overcome and deal with. I think they will do well I have faith and I guide them every step of the way. I see my son who has adhdodd, dyslexia, bipolar, and anxiety problems already struggle with friendships and school rules. It is very hard, the school is not very cooperative and blames him for any problems with other students. He is only in 5th grade and the next time he gets in trouble they are talking about suspension. He is a good kid very sweet and loving but misunderstood and no one gives him a chance. I appreciate your replies and it is nice to be able to vent some about my worries and my concerns. I am happy I have found this site! Thanks Hollie
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    Yes - we are too. Post often - you never know what will help or how you can help others.
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    Hollie, there are adult programs out there for qualified adults. There are independent living programs and other assistance is available as well. As you kids get into high school you can start investigating what is out there for them at that time.

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    In the meantime before your kids turn 18, the General and Early Childhood forums here have lots of good support for parents in the same situation as you coping with all the challenges, so you might want to check them out if you haven't already. Wishing you all the best.