What husband did on his late-spring break

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Apr 21, 2010.

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    My husband just cracks me up.

    We decided about 2 years ago that we were going to have to stay here until retirement, so we've been sprucing the place up a bit. Did a major remodel 2 summers ago, mostly to make the house a bit more wheelchair accessible, including an addition of an accessible bathroom, a back deck, and a front deck to camouflage the new wheelchair ramp. We gave up on the front "lawn" and just barked the whole thing over, with pretty retaining walls at the perimeter. After all was said and done, we had built or barked over a good 1/2 of our yard. husband made a simply *beautiful* brick walkway in the front yard - I am still stunned at what a good job he did. He's not the most handy Andy around. :tongue:

    Last summer our project was an above-ground pool with a pebble walkway around it and some more bark in the back yard in anticipation of hopefully being able to actually plant perennial plants this year. There went another quarter of our mowable lawn.

    I found a flamingo last year that lights up (doesn't move, darn it), so I got him and planted him squarely in our front yard. It's ridiculous, but I love him. I also have several goofy animals hiding around the hostas - a bunny, a bear, a squirrel, a rabbit lying on its back laughing, and one large green gnome. Tacky but... makes me smile.

    So he's been off this week, because there's been this area behind the new bathroom that is kind of a no man's land and he wanted to get it fixed up. Mostly dandelions, some weeds, the sump pump drain. He buried the drain and started barking the area in. And then he started adding things....

    We now have 2 kissing bears, a rabbit hiding in a flower pot, a bird bath, a bird feeder, a little waterfall, 2 hanging flower pots, 4 plastic flamingos (I'm gonna have to move my light-up guy out back now), one of those garden globes on a stand, and, to top it all off, 4 solar powered frogs that light up. :rofl: I must admit, I'm a tad disappointed that he didn't go for the one that he said croaked.

    He has had *such* fun - he's like a little boy. I'm sitting in here working and every couple of hours it's "Sue, come outside and check this out" or "Sue, I'm heading back up to the hardware store". Honestly, it was just a riot to watch him get all excited, and sneaky, with what he was doing out there.

    Personally I think he's just proud of himself for now having whittled our mowable grass down to about an eighth of what it was previously. Not that we had a big yard to begin with, LOL. I think he's scheming to put in another barked area so I can have an annual flower garden, like the entire front yard isn't enough. I'm suspecting by the end of the summer, he'll be able to mow the back "lawn" with 2 passes, and then finish up the front little strip of grass between the sidewalk and street with another 2.

    I guess the real estate ad in 15 years will read "low maintenance yard". But he's had fun and he's made me happy with a whole new assortment of tacky decorations in the back yard. He's such a good guy.
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    How cute and how fun! Its always the little things that make relationships work. Really knowing your partner inside and out. He obviously knows you. Great guy.
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    What a sweet guy!
  4. KTMom91

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    I'm smiling just imagining your yard!
  5. Hound dog

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    My kind of yard..........although I'd like a bit more grass. :D

    You can send him to me when he has no more fun projects there. lol

    You should take pics and show us. I'd love to see them!!
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    He's a keeper!!!!
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    If he runs out of projects in your yard, I have a few here that need doing. You have a good man, Sue.

    I will be down to see that yard of yours someday when I head down to visit with my dad. I think the froggy light show is worth a days detour.
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    Sounds great! I love the idea of less mowing!!