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  1. Tough holiday, my Dad (with whom I was extremely close and my rock with difficult child) passed away in September. My Mom, a severe, late-stage, alcoholic, attempted suicide recently and ended-up with very serious medical issues as a result. So . . first holiday without my Dad and my Mom in a psychiatric unit . . .

    And, although minor, I went to a hockey game tonight with husband, and watched as a young 4/5 year old actually managed to sit through a game with his Dad and enjoy it. Saw a similar thing at dinner Wed night with both boys; 5 kids next to us managed to enjoy a quiet dinner; while my children were off the walls! (and this was at a fast food joint!). Even easy child would be a handful for parents of most "easy child" kids . . . let alone difficult child. IOW, even when my children are extremely well behaved, they are a handful.

    Yet . . . it made me remember what I am thankful for; and I suspect that only "we" would understand.

    - Knowing how much it is obvious when difficult child misses one round of medications; used to be you couldn't tell the difference with all the rages and anger.

    - How difficult child is still BiPolar (BP); and it's more obvious as he gets older, but we have help, he is stable, and he is trying . . . we have hope.

    - That, even though we aren't able to establish the friendships we would like to have, that we used to with friends our age, this too will change in time (difficult child doesn't allow for it . . . he can't handle too many changes at any one time and we can't count on others to always understand).

    - difficult child is not only passing school, but doing high school level work in most courses after failing every class last year; and has told me in just the last week that he feels he needs to attend private school for another year.

    - difficult child asked us today if we wanted him to go to Harvard; yet we are still not convinced he can even make it through high school :) (Of course, we told him whatever he wanted, if he choose such a school, we would figure out a way to try to make it happen).

    - My Mom (my parents were still married when my Dad passed away) has agreed to yet another rehab attempt and will go to live with my sister out-of-town - great move for her. And, sis has agreed with the tough love my Dad could never do . . . and my Mom says she understands it (yes, I know the realities here).

    - And in case I forgot, DS has quickly taken the place of Daddy with difficult child . .

    - And last, but not least, still a great marriage with husband . . I know a lot of marriages fall apart with the challenges that we have faced.

    Lots to be thankful for this year . . . in spite of the numerous problems.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Holiday seasons; in spite of all the challenges.
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    Yes you have had alot of grief and alot of challenges very recently. I can imagine that the holiday was quite different for you. Yet the fact that you were able to take the simply things out of this week and look at them with such gratefulness is so nice.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your time at the game and i'm also glad that difficult child is doing so incredibly well in school, that is impressive.

    You are right, there is always always something to be thankful for.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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    That is a great Thanksgiving list! Life is easier when we can see our blessings through our trials. We appreciate blessings so much more because of the trials we have endured.
  4. its so nice to hear that you are able to be thankful for your blessings despite all of the trials that you have and are going through... I have always thought that people who have children with special needs are special themeselves because they where entrusted with difficult child's when as you pointed out that most other parents couldnt cope with a easy child let alone a difficult child hehehehe you are so right and I think thats why we were all given difficult child's call me crazy if you like ...its just what gets me through to the next day.... I am also cvery glad to hear you and your husband are doing so well as your right that this sort of situation can rip a marraige in half so far my husbnad and i are doing good aswell and i am grateful too not that its been withought serious work and effort on our part i am sure all of you know just how manipulative difficult child's can be towards each parent so we have to constatnly play pig in the middle throwing questions back and forth over gfc's head.... my mom always sais that nothing in life is ever thrown at anyone who cannot handle it .. personally i agree with her .. but.... at the same time it doesnt always feel like we can handle it or wnat to handle it LOL this is such a great place and im sure glad i found it so i can talk with all of you very strong and amazing parents....:D
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    Lists, especially good ones, are awesome! Post it on the fridge; display it with pride.