What if the doctor is right!!


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I am sitting here now thinking, my poor child is doomed. What if the doctor is right, what if she isn't BiPolar (BP), just Conduct Disorder!!!! How can she be diagnosis 8 times BiPolar (BP) if she really isn't. I mean all of those docs were wrong and this ONE is right???? Oh God, now I'm really a nervous wreck. I'm trying to relive the past 16 years of my daughter's life, hoping to see signs of BiPolar (BP). Wow, who hopes for that? She doesn't have classic symptoms, her mood swiches all day. She has never sunken into deppression, her deppression manifests as anger. I have seen her manic, very hyper, giggling and feeling good. She has even been Euphoric on a few occasions. She is not cruel to animals and does not start fires!!! She hasn't responed well to any of the medications she has been on. I have seen her do better on some, but nothing miraculous. Please tell me that I'm jumping the gun and it is quite possible that the signs of Conduct Disorder showing in my baby are just due to poorly treated BiPolar (BP).

So scared!!!


Branbran, like ODD, Conduct Disorder is rarely seen in isolation. This type of behavior is usually a symptom complex resulting from some other underlying disorder (like Bipolar Disorder). Few psychiatrists make a primary diagnosis of Conduct Disorder.

I personally would not trust a psychologist to make such a weighty diagnosis. I would only trust an adolescent psychiatrist with the diagnosis of your daughter's issues.

One more point: If your daughter has never been on a mood stabilizer WITHOUT an antidepressant, there is no way you can judge the effectiveness of whether the mood stabilizer is working or not.


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I wouldn't bank on this diagnosis either- I've been reviewing my difficult child's history related to diagnosis and other things and because the psychiatric listed "Disruptive Behavior Disorder not otherwise specified" secondary to depression, all we got with- tdocs and sd and now GAL and court is that I should have disciplined him different. Now, I wish I'd followed my gut feeling a lot more and I think that's what you should do too. Can you go to psychiatrist or another psychiatric and ask for another opinion?


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Thank you guys!!! My gut is telling me, there is hope for her. I refuse to believe she has no future (which is what I have learned about CD). The CD diagnosis hasn't even come from the psychiatrist only the psychologist. I am waiting to hear from the psychiatrist. (hopefully this year!!) lol

I could get a second opinion if my daughter would behave well enough for her to be allowed to come home on a visit.

I do feel a little better now. Thank you so much. :smile:

I will keep you posted.

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If the therapist is correct you'll do what every other parent here does. You'll deal with it. You will educate yourself, advocate for your child, detach when necessary & nurture as much as possible.

The diagnosis of CD isn't going to change who your difficult child is & has been for several years. It's an indicator; a road map of sorts.

Now, take some deep breaths & put this away for the day. Take some time for you. :flower:

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She doesn't have classic symptoms, her mood swiches all day. She has never sunken into deppression, her deppression manifests as anger. I have seen her manic, very hyper, giggling and feeling good. She has even been Euphoric on a few occasions. She is not cruel to animals and does not start fires!!!

Our daughters could be twins. N has never even been considered for conduct disorder. Bipolar depression can be displayed as anger or irritability. Both N and my own often displays this way. And before reaching stability N's moods changed so quickly and so often during the day that it was impossible to keep up with her.

I'm not saying the CD diagnosis is wrong, but I doubt all those different docs got the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis wrong. And her symptoms sure sound like most of the BPer's I know. Not everyone is going to have the classic symptoms or have the symptoms display in the classic manner. Each person is unique.

Sometimes finding the right medications, in the right combo, at the right doses can be a real challenge.

Hang in there



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branbran, I can almost guarantee you that this isn't Conduct DIsorder. Like Smallmom says, it rarely stands alone. I've never had a good diagnosis from any psycologist and I'm 53 years old and have seen a few thru the years. I have bipolar. I can't tell you how many wrong diagnosis. I got from psycologists. The fact is, they were wrong. Same with my son. He's on the autism spectrum. I got all kinds of funky diagnoses from psycologists. JMO, but I'm not a fan of therapists. I go to Psychiatrists (with MDs) and NeuroPsychs because they actually do lots of testing to see strong and weak areas in a person, and can be amazing. If your child has a conscience, he doesn't have conduct disorder. I probably looked like I had CD too until I got on the right medication, but I didn't have it. The medications your son is on will not help a mood disorder, so of course he is acting out. I agree with smallmom there too. If your child has never been on a mood stabilizer without also taking a stimulant and/or an antidepressant, then he hasn't really tried a mood stabilizer. Stims and antidepressants can neutralize the effectiveness of a mood stabilizer. The mood stabilizer needs eight full weeks at a therapeutic level to kick in. I recommend buying and memorzing :smile: the book called "The Bipolar Child" by Dimitri and Janice Papalos. Your eyes will probably be shocked open. It's a great book. Hugs and I hope you calm down. Trust your mom gut!!


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One last thing. I had a kid who was completely antisocial. He was adopted at 11 from foster care. He had no conscience, sexually abused my two young kids, and choked two of our dogs to death. He set little fires and went to the bathroom in our closets (we thoguht it was one of the dogs that he eventually killed). THAT is Conduct Disorder/Antisocial Personality Disorder. in my opinion only, your daughter sounds like she has an untreated mood disorder. (((Big hugs)))


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I agree with the above posts...Your daughter sounds just like my son who has Early Onset bipolar. You must get the book "The Bipolar Child" You will think it was written about your daughter. It's my bible!