What is it about my newspaper carrier?(rant)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, May 6, 2012.

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    I've gotten the Sunday paper for about 8 months now. In that time I've had to either call customer service or email them at least 9 times, so about once a month. I might have even had to do it more, I've lost count now.

    I've either gotten a wet paper or NO paper! I called one time due to wet paper as they threw it on the lawn. I have a paper box, how hard is it to get it in the box? Next delivery, on the driveway! Still no plastic on it after they said they would make sure it got plastic. Another time I guess they figured it would be a nice day no need, again on driveway but morning dew ruined it. Another day, again, they figured nice day and this time IN the paper box but, no sooner they delivered and it POURED and box is exposed and paper was DRENCHED!(no plastic) I called that time and told them why no plastic? There is always a chance for pop up thunderstorms and that particular time it was actually forcasted so they could have watched and put plastic on.

    And finally, we've found a paper stuffed in our mailbox a couple of times too, lid closed so we would have NEVER known to look in there except my kids like to do silly things and they actually looked in there and found it! Seriously????

    I tip them each time I pay too so it's not like I'm cheapo about it. What is it that it's so hard? Then I constantly get marketing calls to take on the paper for the week. The latest call was for me to get the paper for FREE for the rest of my subscription (sounds good but it'd be a waste of paper and can they really afford to just give it away since they are hurting for business?). Really? Like I'd want this kind of hassle everyday of the week when they can't even get it right 1 day of the week? I don't think so! LOL

    I've talk to supervisors and everything. I've gotten credit for paper after paper but I'm at my wits end with this and I am not getting anywhere with it. I'd really consider just going out on Sunday mornings to get the paper but it is more convenient to get it at home. I just want to find a way to get this fixed! I just want to be able to get the coupons and not loose out, like today, or have to run out because then it's costing me more money, not saving since I already paid once. Oh, yeah I get credit so I guess that counts but it's still gas to get there.....
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    Sorry, Tiapet - I'm laughing *with* you, not *at* you....

    Our paper delivery was so bad the newspaper routinely landed on the roof. WTH??? Yep - there must have been half a dozen Sunday papers on the roof by the time we got the ladder out. After numerous calls, complaints and credits we finally just had to cancel. It was beyond ridiculous!
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    Here's plan one - STOP TIPPING! Do you really tip this carrier for giving you CR@P service?

    I've started thinking (again) that maybe I should get the paper every day, but instead of delivery, I'm gonna walk and get it. Make it an exercise routine. The really big drawback to that is that getting delivery is CHEAPER.
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    I just started getting the paper. AND I MEAN JUST. The paper here went to three dollars a paper for SUnday (coupons) paper. If I got it through this lady a Subscription to the monthly was $8.00. Save 4.00 a month - and gas.

    So I told her Okay - I'll give it a shot. HOWEVER - like you - the last time we did this? Same problems (well except for having it on my roof - now that's a new one...) as everyone else. Wet paper, in the road, delivered to new neighbor - and boy was she sneaky about running out to get it and she NEW it was NOT her paper. AMAZING. So I told this woman - I will get the paper from you on ONE condition - I get YOUR cell phone. Bcause when they mess up - and THEY WILL? YOU sold it - YOU own the problem and YOU fix it. NOT ME. She agreed. Gave me a bilo gift card for $5.00 too. Then didn't give it to me - ROFL. I had to call her to get it - and I've yet to see it. I have gotten my paper in a sleve every time.....and for that? I'll say I'm pleased.

    I live close to the main office - so if mines messed up? I can go there (five miles) and get a new paper...and will. But I'm told to cancel it is a pain. Out of state company handles subscriptions. I haven't met the paper boy yet. But I've had so many problems with the mail lady there is not a VERY CURT laminated note on our mail box that in NO uncertain terms after three years of being polite and getting mail in the road, wet mail, and never shutting the door to the rural mail box - says in essence - SHUT THE FRIMPIN DOOR. NOT PLEASE......NOT WILL YOU.....AND THE NEXT STEP was telling her we're putting a lock on it and giving her a key - and she would have to unlock, and lock it every time - HER CHOICE - either shut the FRIMPIN door - and obey the house rule and leave us with dry mail -----or we'd go to the lock system and she could FUTZ with that.

    To date - the door has not been left open ONE time.

    I'm not sure what to tell you about the paper boy Tia - but I'll think on it......I'm thinking someone is NOT giving him his tip ------I think CASH in hand tip - meeting him and saying HERE.......HERE is your tip - I want you to know that I appreciate what you do for me - and make sure that you get it in the box, and I know it's a pain but I need a sleeve on it all the time - HERE is your tip - and put it in his hand. Then I'd elude to the fact that you'd like to know when his birthday is -------kinda make him believe there is more to be had....IF he does a good job. Depends on what age he is. I think our paper boy is a retired, veteran dude that is a good old boy and sees the US flags in my yard all over the place and loves the USA - kindred spirit thing. I don't know - but so far so good.
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    We had problems for a while but luckily, the paper hired someone new.
    Seems like that's all you can do ... just wait for a new carrier. I would also quit tipping.
    Best of luck!