What is your favorite gift ever?

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  1. buddy

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    Some of the threads made me think of this. I posted about a gift a client gave, my favorite from a work situation. My favorite gift ever was an a.m. portable radio that my "rock star" uncle gave me. My neighbor got the exact same one. I thought I was the luckiest kid ever. (he was a radio dj and in bands in North Dakota, lol... he was famous there though, smile).

    It was surely not the biggest or most expensive gift I got, and I always had nice Christmases..... I have several friends who are Jewish and they had some really fun times too, we joined them often. One of my best friends is Muslim... I love her family gathering stories. any holiday story will do..... Just trying to get in the mood. Last year I barely got my tree up.
  2. trinityroyal

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    Nicholas Bear.

    Santa brought him for me when I was 7 years old. He was my best friend and confidante for years and years. He even attended university with me. He's had a few surgeries over the years, and he's missing 1/2 an eye, but overall he's in excellent shape for a bear of his age and station.

    Now Little easy child has him. He's dressed in easy child's favourite soccer jersey, and cozies up to him in bed at night. easy child is so proud to have a bear that's older than even his oldest sister.
  3. AnnieO

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    When I was a baby, my Dad gave me a soft doll, made of colored cotton so that it looked like she was wearing jeans and tennis shoes and a checked shirt. She had long cotton yarn hair and a metal rivet nose that would surely be recalled nowadays. I'm pretty sure she had clothes, too, but I don't really remember them. I named her "V******" (after my maiden name... It's not common). I loved her. I crayoned her. I loved her hair to bits. She was, in Velveteen Rabbit-speak, REAL. And then I grew older and forgot about her.

    In 1993 or 4, we were all sitting around the Christmas tree. There was an odd-shaped package in tissue paper under the tree, from my Grandma to me. Mom handed it to me, and I gave it a funny look and started unwrapping. Before I even saw what it was, I burst into tears - happy, joyful tears - it was V - I knew it before I even got my hands actually on her. And - she was a bit skinnier, but her hair was back... Mom was amazed that Grandma had found another one like her - but it wasn't another one. Her rivet nose was scraped up and she still had yellow crayon marks. Grandma took her to the doll hospital and had her fixed.

    V has a place of honor in my house, still. Weasel chewed on her a bit when she was a kitten... And clawed her a tad, out of jealousy - but I fixed her and Weasel learned to live with her.
  4. skeeter

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    My play kitchen. My dad made it out of wood, had a fridge, a stove, a cabinet with a sink, and a pantry. The fridge had real metal shelves. The stove had "electric" (non working) burners he made out of heavy gauge wire. He put a real faucet (non working) on the sink. It was still in our basement when I was 16 and our house was hit by a tornado. While the basement wasn't damaged, the 2 feet of water in the basement for two weeks afterwards (no electricity, so no sump pump) ruined everything including the play kitchen.
  5. hearts and roses

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    It's difficult to choose just one. Most years growing up I ended up in the ER with a desperate asthma attack and then all drugged up, not so much fun. But there were still special years.

    One year my dad was out of work on disability and to make ends meet, my mom asked my brother to move home and pay rent, which he did. I will never forget that Christmas, because it was a year where we all thought we'd be lucky to get a nice meal for the holiday, let alone gifts! My brother exploded into the house around midnight Christmas eve with an actual giant hefty sized bag FILLED with all sorts of cool things, toys for my sisters and me, games, puzzles, things for my mom, grandparents and dad. My brother made Christmas that year. I don't even remember what I got - it was more the feeling I remember.

    The following year, money was still pretty tight I guess because we weren't expecting much. I do remember my mom asking me what I wanted MOST and I immediately said, "The Mia doll", which was a doll whose hair grew by pressing a button on her back. She was beautiful and if she was all I got, that would be enough. My sister M had me follow her downstairs to snoop about a week before Christmas and showed me the wrapped present under my mom's bed. She pulled it out and carefully unwrapped the package and it was the doll I wanted!!! OMG, I was so excited. So, Christmas morning came, and I was smiling from ear to ear before I even got to open up my package and mom said, "You KNEW!" and she was upset. But I didn't care, I got my Mia doll and nothing else and that was just fine with me! And difficult child found one on ebay and that was her gift to me last year, how sweet!

    The first year I lived in CT and H (then boyfriend) was still on LI. When we met for Christmas he gave me a small box (yes, a ring!). When I opened it, I gasped and H immediately said, "That ring means NOTHING" - lololol. I said, "Really? It means nothing?" and he said, "Well, it means I love you, but that's it." Okay, okay, H...that ring means more to me than my wedding ring! LOL.
  6. DazedandConfused

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    A pair of crochet slippers my Mom made for me when I was 12 or 13. Our family was broke most of the time due to my father's gambling habit. She wrapped them in a pretty box with a little bottle of perfume and other goodies. I wore those slippers until the bottom was just a huge hole. I 've begged for her to make me another, but she can't find another pattern like that one even after searching online.
  7. DammitJanet

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    Bunny one eye. I cant remember how old I was when I got him but I was very young. Like step's doll, he didnt start out one-eyed. He was just well loved. What is funny is that Tony also had a Bunny one eye! That is something we discovered when we were walking through a thrift store when the boys were babies and we both picked up a little bunny at the same time and exclaimed "Bunny one eye!"...lol
  8. buddy

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    DJ, I know you guys have your issues, but some of the things you say.... really make me think you are soul mates of some sort.
  9. Nancy

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    My Tiny Tears doll. My dad was an alcoholic and he would go to the bar and come home and fight with mom and give us kids presents to try to be the good guy. That Christmas was probably one of the worst but I had asked santa for the Tiny Tears doll and I got it. I sat and played with her for hours and told her all my secrets and dreams. She listened to my fears and shared my pain. I didn't mean that to be so heavy.

    My favorite adult gift was the gps my husband gave me several years ago. I was completely surprised and loved it. I still use it to this day and I never had to call him again when I got lost.

  10. buddy

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    I love these sweet stories, even when they bring up mixed feelings. On Ellen she is asking for worst gifts ever.... actually totally funny. One dad gave an itemized list of all the expenses from birth to 19, wrapped with a bow to his daughter. One grandpa gave dog toys to two sisters, neither had dogs. One hubby gave a stack of library books and made sure she knew the return date. She said he is now her ex.

    Does anyone remember Thumbalina (sp? Thumbellina??) doll? You pulled the string and the baby doll squirmed in your arms? I loved that baby doll. I had the doll where you pulled the hair too, I had the blonde one.
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  12. AnnieO

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    A few years ago my Dad gave me a cancelled check for $7, dated December 15, 1972, to the Blossom Shop Florist.

    And the story: It was for a dozen red roses for my Mom... The day I was born.
  13. buddy

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    Step, that is an amazing story. Your dad is really a romantic.
  14. AnnieO

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    ...Considering he didn't want kids originally...
  15. buddy

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    ok that was a let down, lol (kidding, lots of people dont know they will love having kid and when they are put in the position .......??????) I am sure he knew you were special the day he laid eyes on you, smile.
  16. AnnieO

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    I'm the original Daddy's Little Girl, have been since I popped out!!!
  17. buddy

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    so sweet, we can still bat or eyes at daddy and get our way!
  18. Mom2oddson

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    Buddy, The doll with the hair that pulled out is one of the Crissy line dolls. I Know the original dair haired one was Crissy, can't remember the name of the Blonde. I had both because my Grandma always tried to "one up" my other Grandma.

    My favorite present.... I still have the stuffed Larry-the-Lion that I got on my very first Christmas. He is extremely loved. When I was in 3rd grade, my parents had a cabinet maker make me a Barbie Dollhouse. Mom had carpet samples so that I could always change out the carpets. She used the drawer liners that stick and pull off again for my wallpaper. It was loved for years. And the most resent favorite was my Kindle last year. And even though I love to read and use it daily....the reason it is my Favorite is because husband got it for me all on his own. I hadn't thought about one, didn't give it to him on a hint list. All on his own...he thought of it and got it for me!!
  19. buddy

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    THAT is cool. I love thoughtful gifts like that. No matter how big or small, those thougthful moments are so amazing. We got oen for our mom for her birthday. She got sick right before and had to go to the hospital so we gave it to her early. She loves it.
  20. DammitJanet

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    Remember Chatty Cathy? I had one of those too. Werent they from the Brady Bunch?