What to do after the medications~

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This is my first time posting here (I've read a lot though).

difficult child recently was taken off risperdal and switched to Lamictal but suffered a severe reaction, so she's no longer taking anything like those medications. An added bonus to this medication removal is weight loss - she's gained some weight but by no means would she called overweight - just out of shape. She remains on only 10mg celexa, which has been somewhat helpful for about 2 years. But since those other medications have left her body, I can see her spiraling downwards desite the presence of celexa. She's sullen, wants to stay in her room all the time, and is getting meaner to us and even her boyfriend by the day.

I've started her on 2000 EFA fish oils as well as 1000 Evening Primrose. I would like to increase the fish oils up to 3000/day (1000 3x/day), but she's currently taking an antibiotic in the AM due to a severe acute sinusitis for the next 20 days. She will not cooperate if there are too many pills on the plate, even if they are all natural and good for her.

I am also trying to get her to MOVE, but she is so resistent. I am trying to find creative ways to get her outdoors and moving, like walking the dogs, going swimming with me, etc. She won't do anything. I have a membership to curves and a guest pass - I was thinking of making her go with me at least 2-3 times per week. I think it would be good for her and may jumpstart her into moving again.

As of right now I've explained to her the options: We put her back on medications or we try to make healthier changes using diet, exercise and supplements. She said, "Sure". Not "Yeah, that sounds good" or "Okay, let's try that", but "Sure". She just doesn't show any interest whatsoever. I have a call into her psychiatrist, but thought I'd ask around here too.

Am I at least on the right track with the fish oils and exercise?

Anyone have any ideas on how to motivate a 16 y/o girl who is almost completely unresponsive to any and all suggestions???



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I believe some folks have had some success with moderate depressive episodes by using St John's Wort, but I think you need to watch sun exposure. I'd try to find a naturopath or alternative doctor in your area for specific remedies, brands, and doses.
As for getting her moving, do you think she'd like a mother/daughter yoga class?

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We did mother daughter yoga a couple of years ago - she found it incredibly boring, lol. She had mentioned a kickboxing class, but I can't do that due to a bad back. However, I though maybe the curves might be fun. I'm going to try and talk with her later today and see what she'd like to do, either alone or with someone. Thanks.
You are on the right track in making a comprehensive plan for your daughter. What type of psychotherapy is she involved in? The right therapist can make a huge difference. They are few and far between, especially for a teen.
I would also go to an alternative medical practitioner to talk about the supplements and have them tailored specifically for your child. This will insure that the dosages are right for her.
Maybe she can try kickboxing or another activity that she will enjoy. Horseback riding? Tennis? Gardening?

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She had a really excellent cognitive therapist but wouldn't cooperate with the program - she simply was not committed and I think it was because she is denial about the need altogether, Know what I mean?? She simply would be passive about cooperating and then rant at me that she's fine and there is nothing wrong with her and that she is sick of seeing DR's. Can't blame her, but even after so many conversations, to be honest, I'm freaking tired as well. Tired of always worrying about this. Tired of having to freaking talk about it again and again with her - I feel like I'm crazy and she thinks I'm just trying to find things wrong to treat, like I'm making this up or something. I'm tired of my life always riding in the back seat so that I can tackle this 'issue' with difficult child - and my marriage is in the toilet...not because of difficult child but simply because there is no time to nurture it and H has become so detached from me, from difficult child. I'm so tired of hearing H go on and on about how impressed he is with easy child, "she's matured so much this past year...really knows where she's going and what she's doing". Well, I too am proud of easy child, but I don't have to marvel over it every day - I'd like a little credit for helping easy child become the person she is today, just as much as I'd like H to marvel over difficult child's accomplishments - though not as many, she also has matured this past year DESPITE her difficulties and negative experiences.

Oh brother, this turned into a rant, I'm sorry.

difficult child is seeing a t/psychiatrist - it's an APRN who covers the medication management as well as the therapy, which she says she can plainly see that difficult child is not interested in. However, we're sticking with her because she feels that there will come a moment when difficult child will talk a little more. I have serious doubts about that.

My insurance does cover some natural/alternative care, so I will go on line today and find someone in my area. I was thinking a naturopath - is that right? That's the person who can help me find the right supplements and levels for difficult child, isn't it? Thanks.