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    I finally got my daughter's school to agree to an IEE. (This was her 4th evaluation, three were done within the school- who found her ineligible because of passing grades). She was evaluated and the pschologist gave her another diagnosis of ADHD inattentive type and Mathematics Disorder. Anyway, she is in HS this year and the school set up a child study meeting, this is what she has always had and eventually the school does nothing. They seem not to understand in the child study that she has a disorder. So, I don't think this is what I wanted... I want an IEP, am I correct? What is my next step to get this done? Please help!!
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    Yes, she needs appropriate instruction and services.

    by the way, your sd is fully aware that passing grades can not and do not disqualify a child from IEP eligibility. I'll post the info from "the horses mouth" as soon as I can.

    PS I'm not sure but the info about grades and IEPs may already be in the archives. Check there and let me know.
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    Do I request an IEP?
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    Here is the text of a letter I sent to the principal of my younger daughter's school to start the IEP process:

    We suspect that our daughter, M, has a disability based on continued academic struggles and recent psychological and educational testing that we will provide to the school under separate cover. As a result, we are requesting that a full and initial evaluation in accordance with IDEA be conducted to determine if M is eligible for special education and related services.

    This letter serves as parental consent for the evaluation. If additional information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    I hand-delivered the letter to the principal, with a copy to the head special education teacher at M's school. This letter started a timeline under which the school must evaluate to determine if M qualifies for an IEP. Our first meeting -- an eligibility screening meeting -- will take place next Tuesday. If the IEP team suspects an educational disability at that meeting, the team will conduct an evaluation (looking at the testing and other informal measures) to determine if the disability has an impact on M's ability to access her education.

    I hope that helps. Please post again if you have further questions.
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    Thank you, for the replies. I am going to go talk to the school again. They are doing a child study but I wanted an IEP. I am not sure what the diff is but we have been doing these studies for years and it I don't get anywhere with this and the school. Also she actually failed 8th grade, she got just about all F's and they said she only had to pass math. Well the first to quarter grades were a D and a F, they averaged that to a C. So they pushed her thru. I didn't argue because I hated her middle school and was happy to get her out of it.
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    My recommendation is to always do everything in writing. It begins federal timelines that must be followed by law and provides a paper trail that protects you legally if later you need to file for due process against the SD.
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    I would definitely send a letter similar to the one that Smallworld posted.

    Once you get to the IEP stage, and even during your child study, I would stress measurable goals. If they present a goal, it should clearly state how it will be impemented and assessed. If progress is not being made, the goal should be adjusted to meet your daughter's needs. Wright's Law offers examples of smart goals for IEPS.


    Good Luck