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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Robinboots, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Robinboots

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    DD23 just told me that she got a call/message from a guy who identified himself as an adult probation officer in the town where we used to live. She called back and left HIM a message, saying she thought he must have the wrong number. His message was that it was important that "you call me".

    Now, it could have been a wrong number, certainly - daughter lives about 3 hours from there, was back there a couple months ago for a couple day for a funeral, but I looked up the PO. He's in the SAFP/Sex Offender division.

    GFG17 has seemed, to me, to be obsessed with sex - more than a "normal" teen boy. He has talked about going back to this town (800 miles from us now). He would be in the "adult" segment, at 17. He has connections there, one girl in particular with whom he calls/texts/etc. I remembered her name, but her FB page is private. Her MySpace isn't, but there's nothing there except I looked at HER friends - GFG17 is there, last login in Feb., new last name "Jones", how original; and he says he's 19 and lives in a town NEAR our old one.

    And one of GFG17's friends HERE has said on FB that she needed to talk to the friend he'd been hanging with and THAT friend made a post about stupid catching up and the person who needed to know would see the post.

    Am I freaking out over nothing? Seems like a lot of connections.

    Oh, and GFG17 was supposed to come over Sat. for his stuff, but never showed, after one call saying he'd be late he never called back. At all. Or answered a text. Haven't actually seen him since court last Weds, but he said he was starting a new job on Monday. Of course, he lies about everything.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Do you think he's been arrested?
  3. DammitJanet

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    Has difficult child been back there that you know of? Did he go to the funeral?

    Considering that the cops seemed to have no problem showing up at your door every time your difficult child sneezed, I would think they would have told you if he had been arrested but maybe this would be the one time they failed to notify you. Stranger things have happened. But surely difficult child would be calling begging for bail money. Or maybe it hasnt got that far yet? No...cant be...a PO comes after the fact.

    I am stymied and will be waiting with baited breath until you get more news.
  4. Robinboots

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    Well, darn. Was hoping someone would say "it's nothing" or "OMG!" ;)

    I haven't seen him since Weds. I haven't talked to him since Saturday; DD23 talked to him on Sunday. He was supposed to start a new job on Monday, the place opened on Tuesday. He's supposed to be staying with FFM and FFD.

    GFG17 has two phones. His pay-go phone, which he was using up until Friday, and another one registered to FFM. On the first one, I can see his account/records. Looks like he hasn't used it since Friday, but has called/texted me on the FFM one, and his sister too. What's weird is that people who text him a lot are still calling HIS phone; even the FFM texted him on that one yesterday. He hasn't answered any of those.

    I called the PO in our old town, left a message. daughter has left two messages for him now too, since yesterday.

    Not sure anyone would let me know if he'd been arrested, since he's 17...and an adult in the criminal system. However, IF he's in our old town, he could have given daughter's number for someone to reach, on file, ya know? And the PO down there - VERY small town - could be pulling double-duty too. Wish he'd call me or daughter back....

    Oh, and my last text to difficult child was "your debit card arrived" - which is VERY important to him. Nothing, no answer at all. However, he was logged in to one of his MySpace accounts this morning. Or someone was.
  5. Robinboots

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    Just another thought - it's possible he got busted for something and put immediately on probation down there. He could have, technically, left after court on Weds. and gotten down there by Thursday; daughter got the call Tuesday. Suppose it's possible.
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Whatever it is, I hope it's not serious, and I hope you don't get drawn into any drama!
  7. busywend

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    It is probably nothing ;)

    One of those worry times when you worry for no reason. difficult children give us more than the average parent.

    Keeping fingers crossed I am right!! LOL!
  8. Robinboots

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    Whew - the guy called me back, it's NOT re GFG17, obviously a wrong number or misdialed. Of course, still no one has heard from him for days, so...still wondering.
  9. busywend

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    Wonder but don't worry. He will come up with some lame excuse or reason for not communicating.
  10. DammitJanet

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    Reminds me of the time when the county jail called me...another county jail...and I was freaking out for hours before I could get ahold of Cory!

    Turns out it was some inmate dialing a wrong number! Talk about me freaking out!
  11. Robinboots

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    I WAS concerned, because, dang - the town is, oh, 800 miles from here! And I'm still worried because having texted about the debit card, I REALLY expected to hear from him. daughter is supposed to be calling the place where he said he works, to see if he was telling the truth about that at least....
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    I did finally reach him. He called me back tonight, finally, and said he was babysitting all day while FFM had surgery on her shoulder. Can't imagine him babysitting, honestly, but whatever.... Said he got no reception in their house, which is sketchy, but I KNOW he gets texts. Besides, that was just today. He also said he was "going out" and doing tech at the community college he flunked out of - right. No, not happy that he's out running around at all hours, but what can I do? He won't live here, because he won't behave and follow the rules - basic rules. He's supposed to come tomorrow and get his stuff.

    daughter said she talked to him too. Said he's going to TX with a friend for her graduation - he had asked if I was going, but I didn't answer. Don't want him breaking in here if we do go. He also told daughter that he just didn't call/text me cause he didn't want to talk to me. :(

    I guess all I can do is let him do whatever he wants.