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    Three days a week the prison doesn't provide lunch to the inmates. I realize that if you're in prison, your list of rights have gone down but to deny an actual meal? Isn't that a bit much? If we as parents did that, even for a child that is 17 years 355 days old, I would think we would be in some boiling hot water.

    Your thoughts?
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    Well, up until the end of the Victorian era, the working classes normally ate two meals a day.

    Even the upper-classes went with two meals except for Sundays and holidays.

    I think timing is what matters. If you move breakfast up later and then move lights out earlier, there should be no problem.
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    Around here a lot of kids only eat two meals. Breakfast and lunch that the school provides. Not saying it is right but here they are then considered not being left to go hungry because they are getting meals. I know this because of a situation with someone I knew. The one parent didn't feed the child in the evenings and it wasn't denial of critical care because he did eat at school.

    Not that I agree but places sometimes have strange concepts.
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    In the prison where I work they do that too on the weekends. Most of the inmates don't work on weekends and they sleep in a little, plus they have visiting on the weekends. What they do is serve sort of a 'brunch' later in the morning - it's a big meal. And they don't get that hungry because their regular dinner time is so early, about 4:30 or 5:00. In our facility though, they actually get the same amount of food that they get every other day, it's just served in two big meals instead of three smaller ones.
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    I think it probably is not much different than what many working people do. How many times did I skip lunch to run errands or take a kid to the doctor? LOTS of working people, moms at least, do this.

    I do think it opens up some chances for abuse in other states. slippery slope and all that.
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    If that's a State prison they couldn't get away with it for very long if they weren't serving the proper amount of food. That's all mandated by the Federal courts and there are strict guidelines to follow. Here we have a four-week cycle menu prepared by dieticians that every institution must go by, and the portion sizes are specified and must comply to standards. Every institution is serving the same thing on the same day, and at the end of the four weeks, they start all over again. The food is surprisingly good and not what you'd think of as 'prison food'. And every month they have to turn in what they call the "as run" menu, what they actually did serve, that shows any substitutions that had to be made. It's all monitored very closely. They can serve the same amount of food on weekends in two big meals or three smaller ones but it's still the same thing.
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    The places I see this being a problem are the smaller county jails where they would take it as free reign to make it a single fried egg and a biscuit for breakfast and a bologna sandwich with a bag of chips for dinner. Only people who could survive would be people with money in their canteens to be able to buy snacks.
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    I only eat one meal a day, plus a small breakfast - yogurt and maybe toast.