What's a Lorikeet?

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    In the Saturday GM thread Dreamer said
    The lorikeets Marg was talking about are Rainbow Lorikeets.
    These are beautiful, aggressive (to other birds), bold (to humans) nectar feeding parrots about a foot long. They form flocks of 20 on up to 200+ birds which delight in aerobatic displays and squabbling with each other - you choose the order.

    We love them but they ARE v-e-r-y noisy as they argue with each other. They love any rain and get highly excited when we get a shower. Marg says that they are like a school full of ADHD kids at a water park - hopped up on red soda!

    Australia is blessed with many parrot species the lorikeets being just one group.

    Marg's Man
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    I've only seen them in zoos but I LOVED the lorikeets! The St. Louis Zoo in Missouri has an enclosure full of them and they're lovely little things! You can go in to the enclosure and feed them nectar from little cups. I have pictures of my daughter with several of them perched on her arms and shoulders while she fed them the nectar.
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    wow, pretty! Thank you for taking the time. My area does not have very colorful wildlife.....but..we do enjoy ours all the same, but ours is just so..spectatcular. :)