What's the diff between Computer aided restructuring and neurofeedback?

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    I found this webpage by Lawrence Weathers online, and it sounds very much like the neurofeedback we did yrs ago. I gave up on it because it requires a lot of self-reinforcement and maturity and my difficult child isn't yet at that point. At some point in his teen yrs, we will try it again.
    Has anyone done this computer aided emotional restructuring (incl the eye movements)? Can you tell me what the difference is?


    Also, I have to add that this dr must only see mildly ADHD kids who are not AS or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), etc. to believe that it's learned behavior. I would only agree with-that for a small percentage.

    Computer Aided Emotional Restructuring is a new, patented, treatment that sprang from another new therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMD/R). (EMD/R is fully explained in chapter 24).
    Unlike traditional therapies, CAER does not depend much on talking. Rather, it taps powerful neurological mechanisms to elicit deep relaxation and vivid mental imagery. When these two effects are juxtaposed, pathology-producing emotions are extinguished through a process called desensitization.
    More simply put, CAER uses lights and sound to help the ADHD child enter a relaxed state. Then, the relaxed and calm child, with the aid and supervision of a therapist, imagines an anxiety-provoking situation — such as school. Quickly, the relaxed state erases the anxiety state so that school, or whatever the provoker might be, no longer causes stress in the child.
    No drugs are used at all.

    Initially I used Computer Aided Emotional Restructuring on my adult patients who had a variety of common problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias and marriage problems. The results were exciting. Many times these problems were eradicated in just a few sessions.
    Therefore, I began to extend the procedure to other problems not commonly addressed by EMD/R, including ADHD. Even with my early, primitive CAER machines, the results were striking.
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    Computer aided emotional restructuring is completely unrelated to neuro-feedback, both conceptually and procedurally. However, be very clear, I am in no way suggesting that CAER is appropriate for your son. I do a very rigorous screening before accepting clients into my program. I do see severe ADHD and Asperger's syndrome, but I do not see fetal alcoholism syndrome patient's. What I do is explain in detail in both of my books. Before you decide what is learned and what is physiologica,l I suggest you read at least one of them.
    Lawrence Weathers PhD.