When a easy child is not a easy child, and secondary enuresis...

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    So my 8yo easy child suddenly developed secondary enuresis about 16 months ago when difficult child 1 was diagnosis'd with Crohn's disease. easy child is a worrier anyway, and actually had a palm tree phobia from about age 2 until about age 7. But I think her brother's diagnosis put her into anxiety overload. I never really thought about it today until we were at the psychiatrist's for the two difficult child's and in desperation, because we've ruled out physical and infections causes for her renewed bedwetting, and she's failed several trials of DDAVP (desmopressin), so I asked psychiatrist what his take was on all this.

    psychiatrist says she's likely SO stressed and anxious that by the end of the day, she sleeps like the dead and cannot wake herself up to go pee like she used to. He said to give her 1/2 of one of difficult child 1's Lexapro tabs and see if that starts to help.

    OMG! If this works, I won't know whether to laugh at the obvious simplicity of it, or cry at the pathetic waste of time we've gone through with the pediatrician who just shrugged his shoulders over the whole thing!

    One thing I do know, it pays to keep pushing for answers.
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    If it works, great, but....

    Why give her difficult child 1's medications instead of writing a script for her? If you have insurance, you can only get refills once a month and if you're giving some to easy child you're going to run out sooner. Lexapro out of pocket is close to $100 a month.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Hi Heather,

    If it works, the psychiatrist will certainly write her a scrip for it. But since we get medications via mail-order, and usually 90 days supply at a time (and at a considerable discount that's less than the 30-day retail price) a few tablets won't be an issue. I figure we should know if this will work in a few weeks' time, and at 1/2 a tablet, that's not a huge dent in the supply we have on hand now. I'm sure that's what he was thinking: Why go to the expense of another full rx when we don't even know if this will work and since we already have it on hand?

    I'll just be delight for easy child if she can ditch the pullups and go back to being a little more relaxed about life in general :smile:
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    I'd be delighted to. I have to say that Lexapro has been *the* miracle drug for my and especially difficult child's anxiety. Just keep in mind that sometimes it initially increases anxiety. It didn't with my difficult child, but it did with me.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed. Keep us updated.
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    I hope it helps. It is so hard when our kiddoes are eaten up with anxiety. I understand the giving half of the other child's. But they should also have samples if you end up running out.