When are they too old for Easter baskets?


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I asked my kids if they were too old, and 13 year old said he was too old. 15 year old said, he wasn't too old yet. So of course 13 year old changed his mind and wants one too. I had baskets from last year and put some jellybeans and healthy snacks inside. I spent about $10 each. When do you ladies stop giving the kids baskets?-Alyssa

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I stopped when mine reached about 12-13 yrs old. Although I didn't stop buying some of their fav candy and keep it around the house at Easter.

Now I'm having fun finding Easter treasures for the grandkids. :grin:

PS before someone asks, I stopped doing xmas stockings when they reached 18. But I do make stockings up for the grandkids.


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My mom stopped giving me one when I got married. Up until then she always sent me one even when I lived out of state.

I just had my 13 yo help make up their baskets. He had fun doing it.


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just depends on the kids. We died eggs untill I remember. I moved out at 16, my sis was 9, so we must have done them. My kids are 9 and 10, know there is no Easter Bunny, but we still died eggs, with a mini meltdown in the process.


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You become too old for easter baskets? No one ever told me that! LOL.

Seriously, we stopped doing the easter baskets for the boys the year Jamie left for boot camp so Billy would have been 21, 18, and 16 but I had all the candy for them anyway. I really couldnt send candy to Jamie in boot but I did send extra beef jerky to the whole platoon. The next year I did do an easter egg hunt for the two younger ones because they had missed out the year before and Jamie adores the egg hunt...lol. We also hid eggs for all the guys on the gate that year. I wasnt able to do it the other two years he was on base but sent him candy. Oh wait...last year I got Jamie a basket that was shaped like an army jeep and barked drill sergeant orders...lol. It was adorable.

This year I got the kids candy but did Keyana a basket. I figure the boys dont really need the basket anymore but they do like some candy.

Yes I am a sucker for the holidays. LOL.


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In our family, Santa and the Easter Bunny stop visiting once they turn 13, although Santa didn't visit difficult child 3 last Christmas, just before his birthday. We put the dividing line at high school age - once they're in high school, the visits stop. For easy child 2/difficult child 2 this means the visits stopped when she was 11.

But we still hand out eggs or chocolate bunnies (or chocolate bilbies, if we can find them) to each family member. The chocolate bilbies are partly an Aussie protest to encouraging rabbits in ANY form, in a country where they're such a pest. Bilbies are cute marsupials with long rabbit-like ears. They're endangered and a portion of the cost of the chocolate ones goes to bilby conservation.

We NEVER had baskets, though. We might have an Easter egg hunt, searching the garden, but we'd carry them in whatever we had. Sometimes a basket, maybe, but only while collecting them.

The Greek influence - sometimes we get dyed eggs. I was hoping to dye some this Easter, but the girl at the shop didn't put in the packet of dye with the eggs when I bought them. Never mind - I was probably too busy anyway to do it.



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #336666"> when they hit the teens we scaled way back on the candy but added a book or dvd to the basket. up until last year they always asked for a pack of those disgusting peeps lol.

this is the first year we haven't done anything tho sarah got a tip for running a mcD's b/day party (17 5yos BY HERSELF!) & she bought us each a little something (the stinker only gave her $10 for all her hard work :grrr:).

</span> </span> </span>


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Marg, I have some Easter bilbies--a mama and 3 babies sitting out in my living room now! A woman from Australia that I've known for years on a online forum sent me some as a surprise one year. A few years later I surprised her with the colored Easter grass that was most common here in the US until a few years ago. It all came about through discussions like this when customs were being discussed.

My Easter bilbies make a trip to school each year when the kids are studying Australia. :)

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easy child came home with two college friends this year, so I have 17GFG, 18FRIEND, 19PC and 21BF. I filled baskets for each and we had an Easter egg hunt out in our yard this morning. I never saw such competition! easy child almost always beats difficult child each year but this year her 18friend kicked everyone's butts by gathering most of the eggs! We had a coloring contest on Friday night and we colored 33 eggs total. We will have lots of deviled eggs later as an appy. Later, my semi-adopted son will be over (he is 19 also) and I already have a basket ready for him as well.

What can I say? I love watching their faces and it's so much fun. I did tell them, however, that once they start having their own families, they are cut off. Haha - I am hoping it will act as a deterrent to early parenthood for all (and grandparenthood for H and me!).

Have a Happy Easter all~


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>We do very little candy although we had easter egg hunts until recently so there was always a lot of candy around. They get a basket with small gifts. </span>

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I still do baskets for Melissa (21), Angela (27) and her husband (28). I make up a small one for husband and me. hee hee And I make up one for my mom (age 80).

My mom made them for all us kids 'til we got married (so for me it was age 20). My mother-in-law gave us baskets even after we were married until we had kids (so I got a basket 'til I was 24) and then she only gave the grandkids baskets.

I get pleasure out of giving the baskets and my kids really do appreciate receiving them. Trouble is, I spend waaaay too much money 'cuz I buy the expensive stuff (Quality candy brand). But that's what my mom always bought even though my family didn't have much money.


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I also wasnt told that you can be too old for an Easter Basket LOL husband 40 and difficult child 20 and babygirl all got baskets from the Easter Bunny, granted difficult child's and husband has scaled down in size and consists of favorite candy and a Dunkin Donut gift card, I also included a card with minutes on it for difficult children cell phone.
This is the first year in 20 that I did not include difficult child in a hunt for eggs around the house.

He was just as excited to wake up this morning at 7:30am with babygirl, he watched her hunt for eggs sat for a few photos then back to bed he went.

I am as happy as a clam right now.



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We don't do baskets anymore but each kid does get a small gift. The boys got jelly bellys and socks the girls got ferrero roche chocolates and socks.... nothing major just a little something. I always got a little gift until I had my difficult child. I don't think giving is a bad thing whether it be a holiday or just for being proud of the person. jmho



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We still do baskets - but the munchkins still believe in the Easter Bunny, so . . . kind of a necessity.

My Mom did baskets for us until just a few years ago. I put together small wire frame sheer fabric covered "baskets" this year for my mother, sister & grandmother, who are coming to dinner, too. Guess I just like the tradition, too.

The Easter Bunny even left me a bag of my favorite chocolate eggs. What a good guy!! :wink:


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I do think its more about having fun at the holiday than believing in the bunny...lol.

When the boys were in middle school and high school they got some little gadgets they wanted. Normally this time of year it was fishing tackle. Lots of times their "basket" was either a new tackle box or even a fishing pole surrounded by some candy. Maybe a cd with some candy on top. I have been known to get them a pair of shoes and put candy in the box. It is all in what is wanted and needed that year.

We always did the egg hunts though. Those hunts would keep them busy for hours and hours. We used real and plastic eggs and they would bring in the real eggs and then rehide the plastic eggs from each other for hours on end...lol. One year they found a family of baby bunnies on easter.
We go to my parents to see my whole side of the family the Saturday before Easter (yesterday). My parents still do a small basket for all of us (20 all together now!). And they hide eggs for all under age 16 kids. Kiddos had a blast and got an equal amount of goodies and good for them treats. We do not do anything at home anymore, haven't for several years and our kids don't seem to mind at all. I did make tiny bags of jelly beans with a cute tag for everyone yesterday (I am THE crafting maniac, afterall :smile: ) Aly and I made white chocolate suckers in Easter shapes and also put them in little bags with cute homemade tags. Was a great craft for her and I to do together and everyone loved them.

In our family for Xmas, "Santa" brings their Xmas stockings and we buy everyone their Xmas jammies and one or two small gifts. We have slowly been cutting the whole gift giving thing down every year and the kids still love just getting together with all their aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. and having a fun visit and good meal with them all.

This has been a more difficult transition for me than the kids, as I adore all the holidays! Especially Easter, everything is just so cute in the springtime!!

Anyways, interesting topic!!