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    I will feel like he!!, I will feel like he!!"

    difficult child had a horrid morning. I ended up calling psychiatrist's office and asking to speak with his nurse before school. I gave the phone to difficult child to have him explain what was going on; disconnecting thoughts, weird to walk, doesn't want to go to school.

    The nurse helped calm difficult child down a little and I gave him a Xanax (nurse said that it was o.k. to give him one every morning so I will be doing that on school days).

    Later the nurse called back to say to increase the Fluoxetine to 30 mg and watch for unusual restlessness, agitation, ect. Guess I need to update my sig again (wonder if I forgot to update when difficult child went to the 20mg per day)

    So, difficult child has a good day at school. On the ride to school I was harsh with him. I told him that he has got to let the teachers know when he is struggling. He said he doesn't want to open up to anyone. I told him that noone will be able to help him if he doesn't start telling someone besides me what is going on. I have a feeling that the teachers no longer believe me because they do not see or hear what I go through every morning with the complaining and throwing up. Everyone says, "Oh, he doesn't want to go to school - he is afraid of school." I heard difficult child tell the nurse, "There is nothing bad about school." School itself is NOT the issue. How can I get people to understand that he is afraid of what might MEDICALLY happen to him at school. What if he blacks out? What if he totally disconnects? It is not the PLACE. He would act that way of going anywhere. I am going to have to talk to therapist about agrophobia again.

    He was calmer than he has been for a long time tonight. Back to being his normal difficult child self.

    He just came to say goodnight and was very chipper. So I said, "Sounds like you are feeling good tonight." "Yep" "Maybe you are better now." "Nope, when I wake up I will feel like He!!" And off to bed he went singing that jingle (from "When you see my face hope you feel like he!!).

    A disappointment came today when neurology called to say the next available date for the 48 hr EEG is Oct 12th! That is soooooo far away!
    Oh well, we will see how summer goes! Will he still be throwing up in the mornings? pediatrician doctor didn't think so. I will be surprised if he does, however, if he does, than that will heighten my fears about what is going on here?
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    OCTOBER???!!! That's outrageous!!! Is there no other facility you can take him to for the test? Did you ask to be placed on a wait list? Call them every day. Every. Single. Day. Until they finally find a spot for him. Be sweet, but be a pest.