when it rains it pours...

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    Stupid mail carrier lady. I was frazzeled all day. went to get my neighbor some food (next paragraph will explain) and stopped at my mailbox. mail carrier was there but I didn't know if she was done or not. I asked if I could just grab my old mail because I had to get to the bank and she said, you people have 23 hours that you can get the mail and you need to do it now....

    HUH? I just asked a question. I said, hey I'm not trying to fight you, I was just wondering. She said well I have this whole box to do and it is gonna take a long time then you can get yours.

    I said, ok...by the way...YOU NEED A NAP. and I walked out.

    I have to tell you I NEVER say anything even close to that but she was wacko.

    so, reason I had to run before going to difficult child is because my neighbor (mid 60's) called and said she had to go to detox. I knew she had started drinking and I have been dropping her off at meetings and her health club for a long time to support her sobriety. She cares for her 92 yr old mom who loves me...smile. So I said I would help take care of her while neighbor is in detox. she asked if I would sit with her while she tells her mom. I said sure and it was very sad. she got a friend to drive her and I am thinking...ok now how do I do this? I have to go to hospital and tomorrow I will have to be thee at 11 thru 7pm. I went thru their phone and found a number for a friend I have heard them talk about. I also called another neighbor. I really do not mind helping them....It is just so hard right now. She gave me her credit card for food for mama, but there is no money in the account. As you all know, I have none and will have no money coming in and dumb postal clerk wouldn't let me get my 30 dollar rebate out so I just used my gas money to get her a roast beef sandwitch. So it gets a little much. but no choice, she can't be alone all of the time. she is mentally great, just very old and in pain from back issues. I came back and got her kitchen cleaned and fed their 5 animals, blah. Hopefully she is fine for the night.

    On the bright side, the neighbor kids asked when difficult child would come home. they were playing nerf guns and said it just wasnt the same without him. it is the one thing they have really taught him to play. he makes a few mistakes and they just call him out on it (or tell on me) I told them he will be happy to hear that since he was a little embarassed that he lost control in front of them. There are good kids in the world...I was counting them tonight. 11 my kids age and younger from 5 different families . And for my difficult child who has had a total of zero friends in our neighborhood till last summer, that is saying something. I hope he gets well enough that I can let him join again and be appropriate. My sisters have kids come over to play with their kids all the time. they do sleep overs and kids go to monthly birthday parties. Not mine...,he has never ever been invited to a school kids house or birthday party. Kind of sad. but he has gained so many skills over the past year and he really earned these friends!
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    Boo on the mail carrier - they didn't earn their reputation for 'going postal' for nothing I guess!

    What a dear you are to help out your friend. I think it's great that you have reached out to other friends of this woman to help you as well. You can't spread yourself too thin. Is there any way you can just share whatever meals you make for yourself with this little old lady rather than spend your money on separate meals for her??

    Remember to care for yourself first and difficult child next. Despite your promise, you can only do so much. Hugs~
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    Do you know the words "NO, I'M SORRY I JUST REALLY CAN'T RIGHT NOW AS MUCH AS I'D LOVE TO NORMALLY". Practice saying them 100 times! Then remember them the next time someone asks you to do something that just isn't realistic right now given the circumstances. You're heart is in the right place. As for the mail carrier, the minute she became rude, I would have gotten in front of her and grabbed my mail anyway. She has NO CLUE what is going on and that there is a good reason you didn't get your mail until now. If nothing else, I would have blasted her with the truth!! THAT should have shut her up.