When it rains it pours


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Literally. First day of school - wall of water when it was time for SO to walk difficult child to the bus stop!!! Cying spat ensued over umbrella NOT going to school despite me making it a "rule" that the umbrella is only for between home and bus stop rainy days before I left for work.

Overall sounds like he had a good day - his teacher sent me a quick note she'd gotten my email but was saving it for after school to read <sigh>

So is it me being overly sensitive, or is it bad when your difficult child comes home from the first day at a new school and tells you "I like playing alone, I don't want to play with any children." This after a weekend telling me he was lonely and wished other children would come play with him when we went to the playground... We role played last night how he would introduce himself and ask a new classmate if he could join them during recess.

<biting fingernails> I am sooo hoping he has a better experience socially with this school than last year's....


One day at a time.

I think part of it is onlyitis. My son is an only too. But in our case, he didn't want to play with kids, or play alone. He wanted to play with me.
Yup! Onlyitis!!

Tink is another socially awkward one. Try to get two of them to play together...they look upon eachother like "what's wrong with this kid?"