When next heating season rolls around

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    That's kind of a scarey thought. We have oil heat and live in Connecticut. The average oil tank is 275 gallons and we go thru a minimum of 50 gallons(conservative) in a month's time during the winter months.

    I was looking at various options for supplementary heating and saw lots of interesting things; multi fuel furnaces, all kind of portable heaters, pellet stoves, wood stoves - just to name a few.

    The bottom line is that all kinds of fuel are going to cost $$$. Have you had any notable experiences with any particular type of supplemental heating?
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    husband was hoping to add a wood burning stove to the family room. One model could be eaily vented via a window set up.

    I'm afraid of room heaters and won't allow them in the house. I know many of them are safer now than ever. But I still am afraid of the darn things. Too many people grow careless and burn down their houses with them.

    I'm scared to think of what the costs of heating will be this winter.
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    Growing up we heated our house in Mansfield, Ohio and in New York with wood stove.
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    We live in Amish country and I have seen the new stoves they have, actually I believe they call them furnaces. The idea is that the furnace is outside and heats hot water that is distributed in pipes through out the house. Now I guess this means a retro fit is not easily installed, but the furnace burns wood, or pellets, or even manure (which they would have plenty of with their horses). If you lived near a woods it would be great since firewood isn't cheap either. They have made great strides in heating stoves, so wouldn't necessarily think they are dangerous, but you still need fuel of some sort which may not help you cut your costs.....wish there was an obvious answer. Can only think to buy your fuel NOW before the cost rises even higher........ Check out solar?
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    As you know, we're in northern CT as wel; coooollllldddddd and wintry New England.

    We have a wood burning stove in our basement. Mt H installed ductwork that he will expand on in the fall so the stove heats more than just one side of the house ;o)

    We always have fallen trees in our yard so we haven't had to 'buy' wood in years! It helped us a lot this year. MY goal is to get us using it more than on weekends. I'd like to use it at least half the week.

    And also, my H is looking into created a solar water heater.

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    We have a wood burning stove here in SC. IT hasn't gotten too cold or cold enough for anyone to worry but it does get cold here.

    The amish furnaces are really neat we saw them at a home show I think -

    I'm going to keep my eye out for a dragon - I want to move to OHIO and just can see the potential for having him in our animal farm.

    Then I could also burn pellets. lol