When one Rejoices, We ALL rejoice!!

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  1. TheOnlyMe

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    Well, where to start...........in October my son began to relapse and he still is not stable. Well during this time SSI decides WITHOUT looking at any documentation, I provided to them FOUR times !!! So anyway, my son is a medication change which was causing psychotic symptoms and I get a letter from SSI saying he was stable and no longer Disabled! :surprise:So I file the reconsideration letter within the 10 days, to continue benefits, while son is hospitalized!!!!!!!!!!

    I think everything is groovy and THEN I get a letter from Medicaid on 1/28/09 saying, it is cutting him off cuz SSI said he isn't getting anymore benefits! UGH!

    So I call National SSI #, actually get a real good CSR! Who tells me I just need to go into the local office, which here in Htown is like asking you to go take a sauna in he--double hockey sticks! So I make an appointment. I get a updated letter from psychiatrist stating he has been relapsing since Oct and still is unstable and SSI needs to consider this while considering his Medicaid and SSI benfits.

    I also contact Senate John Coryn's office because his website states
    "As your U.S. Senator, one of my most important roles is to serve as your liaison with the federal government and its agencies. I understand how challenging it can be when dealing with the bureaucracy. My staff and I will do everything possible to assist you in resolving any difficulties you may be experiencing. Your needs and concerns are a top priority for me."

    I faxed his office on yesterday and when I walked in the SSI office today the District Manager came looking for me before I COULD sit down for my appointment. Asked me if I was my name and did I fax Senator Coryn yesterday? I said, YES, I did! I asked him for a copy of the fax, before he left. The CSR, I got made a copy of the WHOLE file; I sent with the Appeal (at least 3" thick) claim which went back to 1993 of medical records to current!!! In addtion to she reinstated his MEDICAID AND his SSI BENEFITS for MARCH, I asked her for it in writing and she is going to help me get it straighten out, where they are calculating his monthly amount by figuring in my arreas Child support instead of just the Court Ordered amount.

    SO HORRAY FOR TODAY. :jumphappy:
    I thanked the Lord Most of ALL!!!:thumbsup:
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's awesome news! Congratulations on finally getting some help from the bureaucrats!
  3. Steely

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    Great news............you are one heckva warrior mom.:D

    How is difficult child doing?
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    That's what being a warrior mom is all about - never take no as the last answer!

  5. TheOnlyMe

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    He is still cuckoo for coco puffs but it we are surviving as a family should!

    Next hurdle is a meeting Friday with Asst Dir of Special who attends our ARDC & Independent Dr of Ed and Me to Discuss Appropriate Curriculum and Environment In or Out District Placement to get his Executive Function addressed so that his 24 recommended diploma credit with PAFL of 4th and 5th in Math and LA is not worth a used piece of toilet paper !!!!!

    Where much is know, much is required!

    One Day I will graduate will MY BS from the University of Hard Knocks of Special Education of Public Education!

    PS Thanks for all the congrats and just want to encourage all to be PERSISTENT LIKE A PIT BULL AND DONT GIVE UP!!!
  6. aeroeng

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    "One Day I will graduate will MY BS from the University of Hard Knocks of Special Education of Public Education!"

    It won't be a BS it will be a Phd.
  7. aeroeng

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    It won't be a BS it will be a Phd.
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    Holy cow! I'm moving to your district!!! Way To Go!!!!!!

  9. DaisyFace

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    And good for you!!

  10. TheOnlyMe

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    I am so pleased to hear ya'lls encouragement! Just want to let you know, I got a letter from Senate Cornyn today dated the same day I faxed his office and the signature DOES NOT LOOK Stamped mailed from Washington!

    It says, " Thank you for your recent correspondence and for bring this matter to my attention. The decisions of federal agencies have a direct impact on the lives of any Texasn. For that reason, I understand the importance of this issue to you. As your United States Senator, I am happy to offer my assistance.

    Accordingly, I have contacted the appropriate officials at the U.S. Social Security Administration and asked them to provide a a response to your concren. I will write you again soon as I receive their reply to my inquiry.

    I appreciate having the opportunity to represent you in the United States Senate and to be of service in this matter.

    I am still in the WOW stage! There is hope for the integrity of politician's and the priniciples this county was founded upon the representation of WE, the people of the United States of America !!!

    I won a schlorship to go to Washington Difficult Child in March, and I hope to be able to meet him and thank him in person! Yet I am going to spread the news on the net as much as possible because people need to know this is the way the people we elect are suppose to be for us! Don't ya'll agree?
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    This is so great! I hope you do get to meet him in person!
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    Yes, I agree. From one Texan to another.....I am shocked, and proud. Texas is not known for it's award winning Special Education schooling or attention to mental illness. I will be very interested to see how this progresses.

    And way to go in winning a scholarship! Unbelievably awesome!!!!
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    How inspiring. My difficult child has similar diagnosis. She is currently in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) so I am hoping the SSI comes through without a hitch.
    Congratualtins. My heart is dancing for you and your leovely son and for all of us. So true, eaht this board is all about, we all rejoice, one vicotry at a time! Compassion