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    When you have movers move your furniture a really long distance, how much do you have to pay up front? Is it typically a percentage or a set fee or what? I've done this once and paid everything up front but it took me 3 mos to get my stuff and after seeing an attny about it, he told me I shouldn't have paid it all up front. Do most companies expect it that way?

    Would it be the same for shipping a car?
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    Normally you have to pay for the pickup of the stuff PLUS storage for however long it will be until it can be delivered.

    That would be paid up front.

    On the other end, you would pay for any overage in storage length PLUS delivery fees.

    Be aware that if you go so much as one day over a month period you will usually be charged for the entire month.
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    It won't be going to storage though- it might be shipped to HI so I'll be there long before my stuff arrives. I found a site online that estimates costs based on filling out a chart of furniture and number of boxes, etc. The first time I tried it I put in everything I have in the house and it came to over $10,000. Well, I can't afford that. So then I did it again and just put in 3 BR suites, a dining room suite, and some miscellaneious stuff- the computer, TV, some boxes, and it came to just under $10,000. I can't afford that either. But, I can't see selling ALL of this - I'd never be able to replace it for the amount I'd have to sell it for.
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