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We have been having some more ODD behaviors coming out lately so we took difficult child back to the neurologist and he says that it is definately the Concerta that is causing it so to give him his Clonidine earlier to minimize it...seems to be working.

On to the good stuff!

difficult child tried out and made the Track and Field team!!!!!!! Who woulda thunk that??!! Not only did it make him feel great, it is forcing him to be more responsible in the morning to getting himself ready to be out the door for at 8:30 am to make it to practice. Even better, it's 3 times a week! Arguments are now limited in the morning because it's not me nagging to get ready for school, he's actually getting up earlier so that's he's ready!

This last week has been horrible for me. I have developed some skin issue that has made me immobile. Up until this morning, I have not been able to walk (I can now put some pressure on one foot but not the other). I have never felt pain like this and I have a really high tolerance to pain. I'm currently on prednisone and nopraxin (sp?) just to cope. I have to say that difficult child has been wonderful through all of this. Only one issue the whole time. This morning husband had to take easy child to go and ride her pony and I had to go to the washroom. So difficult child brought a chair with wheels over to the couch and pushed me to the bathroom door and waited and then helped me and pushed me back, asked if there was anything I needed and didn't take his sweet ol' time (which is VERY common for difficult child) to do anything. It was wonderful!

Next week husband will be out of town and I will be on crutches, I hope it stays this way with difficult child. It's really nice to have a break and see what he is like when in easy child mode.

I am so proud of him :thumb:


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It's great to hear that the medication combo is making a positive difference for difficult child. Having the track and field sounds like another positive influence :bravo:.

Sorry to hear about your recent health issues, but glad to hear that the family is stepping up to the plate and helping you out. Hope you get some relief soon :angel:!



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That's great news about difficult child!!! You've got to tell me: just how excited is he about the Stanley Cup finals? Lol! We're rooting for Anaheim out of spite! :smile:
I hope your health improves quickly. Does your doctor know what caused the problem?

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:bravo: Great Update!!

On the skin condition..... any chance you could've been biten by something? Any rash, swelling, redness?

I hope you start feeling better soon.


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I'm glad to hear difficult child is doing so well and am saying a prayer it continues. I hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs.


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Fantastic news!!! Congrats to your son. He must be feeling pretty great about himself. Here's to the "Little Runner" and his proud doting mom. :smile:

Good luck to your son and hope your feeling better. :smile:


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TM - What a harsh thing to say, lol! Actually difficult child is telling everyone he is rooting for Anaheim...it's him being a typical difficult child. You will find him sporting a Sens shirt on Monday, even if I have to glue it to him, lol! I am just stuck between wearing my Alfie shirt or my Emery shirt..decisions! You would probably find me wearing both but then the decision would be who gets to be on top and well we don't want to open that can of worms. I actually made husband wear my Emery shirt when we beat Buffalo as easy child had a competition in a different province and I wasn't too sure how they would take me sporting a Sens shirt. Turns out they actually had set up a tent with a tv and satellite so that we could watch the game!

As for me, it's a skin disease husband says. It's called Erythema Nodosum, he says too! To be quite honest I was in so much pain, I couldn't take in any info. I have had a chest xray and blood work to see what if anything brought it on. The pain has lessened with the medications and husband bought me crutches today so that I can at least be mobile as one foot did not seem to be as affected as the other. I have been given the name Big Foot and it's about 3 times bigger than it should be. The rash or bumps have gone from red to purply, quite the site. But the pain is lessening and that's all I care about.

Thanks for ALL the well wishes for both difficult child and myself!

And TM...

GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!