who exercised today?


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oh,i was bad today.im going to the gym soon so ill stay there
for as long as i can.i just can not seem to get with it.i think every time me and my mom get into it i head right for the food.but i should feel a little bit better after exercising.or i just might get in the pool and jog for awhile
so how did every one else do.i hope better then me ,well tomorror is another day.


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I took a long walk... in the snow. I built a snowcat a huge one, the 3rd one in a week!!! It was something... chased the kids all day.


I didn't have time to go to the gym today, so before I settled down for supper, I asked husband if he wanted to go for a walk. Only about 15 minutes, but around our huge block with difficult child dog, ugh! I find if I exercise before dinner, I don't eat nearly as much. That and I drink a big glass of water before eating.
Only 50 more pounds to go, bleck!

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I did go to the health club last night and rode :smile: I also worked out on the Precor-a total of 40 minutes. I'm hoping to geth there again today before the weahter gets really bad-if not I'll go down to my basement for a workout.


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Just got done with my 30 minutes for today....It always feels better when its OVER.....

I will exercise everyday, I will exercise everyday, I will exercise everyday.....are you getting sleepy?

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Does shopping count? I walked around the stores for about an hour anda half, then for some reason I was feeling like I got hit by a mack truck. Came home, got on the couch and well thats it. I hate a delicious but fattning dinner.

I did lose 2.4 pounds at my weigh in yesterday though. The weather here is killing me. I had a great routine going, I am not motivated at all.

All you guys are doing great!



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I finially got a gym membership. I felt guilty doing it, but it was either that or some intense therapy. I've only gone 3 times and can already tell the difference. It gets my stress out. Then I don't eat as much because I'm a stress eating, and I don't fight with husband as much because I get out my anger at the gym. I might still end up in therapy, but I'm going to try this for a few weeks first. I'm trying to take care of myself.