Who has my wings recipe???


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I've got a major mental block and once again
I have lost the darn recipe. I think Suz and Sunny saved it last
time. Anyone?? :hammer: Am I getting old??? :rolleyes: DDD


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I never did get it. I hope whoever has it will post it for all of us.

I sure have heard enough about it. :grin:



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Is this it? I found one recipe for wings that I got from the CD site and had saved in a Word file. Somehow my Word document with all my saved recipes got all messed up. How does that stuff happen anyway? Some of my recipes are missing and some were run all together. This one for the wings just lost its title somehow, so I'm not sure whose recipe it is, but it sounds good!

<u>???????????????????? Wings</u>

2 1/2 lbs chicken wing sections or drummettes well trimmed of excess skin/fat.

1/2 C soy sauce
1/2 C honey
1/4 C molasses
2 T chili sauce
1 t ground ginger
2 cloves fresh garlic, minced
A few shakes of Crystal Hot Sauce or Tabasco.

Use gallon sized ziploc freezer bags and pour marinade and chicken together. Seal, squeezing out most of the air and massage to distribute marinade around chicken. Refrigerate overnight (or at least 4 hours).

Preheat oven to 375. Spray a foil lined baking pan with cooking spray. Pour the chicken and the marinade into the pan spread to a single layer.

Bake 50 minutes, turning once and basting with the pan juices.

Turn heat up to 425 for 5 minutes or more so wings get brown.

Discard the marinade and enjoy the sweet, only slightly spicy wings!!


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That's it, Donna! Thanks for finding it. Believe it or not my
recipe is somewhere on either the home or work computer but I
just can't find the darn thing!

Now :)) thanks to you, I can get them marinating tomorrow for
dinner Monday!!! They really are good and somehow you can pig
out and not feel guilty since they are baked and not fried! LOL!


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It isn't funny, Suz. LOL. DDD

I assume your recipe matches Donna's recipe which hopefully is
my recipe that was originally somebody else's recipe. I don't remember who, of course. :))

PS: In case you missed it.....I may drop in when you are entertaining Fran et al. Just for a drink. Can't stay long as
I have to fly home and fix dinner!


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D3, your boys (all of them) can call for a pizza. No way do I want you to miss the magic bus that's apparently dropping by one of these days. :thumb: We'll have a slumber party!

Yes, I checked the ingredients to make sure that what was posted was the recipe you keep losing :rofl: (sorry, it still makes me chuckle). WOLF posted it a few years ago.

HUGS :kisses:


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Boy, Suz, you've got a mind like a steel trap! I had forgotten
it came from Wolf. By now his life should be all settled down
as it has been years. Thanks.

by the way, did you see my question about Chloe? I completely missed
the addition to your household. Seems like a cockapoo will be a
perfect companion down the road. Hugs. DDD


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For a variety of reasons, the docs think my sweet Chelsea has some kind of cancer. :sad: I won't put her through a bunch of tests/treatments because she struggled so with her surgery last year. I figure as long as she is hanging in we will enjoy every second. And Miss Molly will be 14 in July. So I was faced with the prospect of potentially losing both of my sweet honeys in the not too distant future :sad:.

There is a dog and cat rescue not far from where I live and I started looking at their website periodically when they opened last year. Lo and behold, I spotted this little blonde ragamuffin and went down to take a look at her about a month ago. She was a puppy mill rescue. Long story short, she won my heart and here she resides. She will be 3 months old on the 3rd. I've never had a small dog before and it's a treat- she's all of 9.5 pounds now. She goes to get more shots this week and I'll ask the doctor how big he thinks she will get when she matures. At my age, I hope she stays little.

Chelsea loves her most of the time. Molly tolerates her but I think she likes her more than she will admit. Every night all 3 of them play together and it's a hoot to watch. She has perked up both of the old girls a LOT and it's wonderful to see. I'll send you pics of her via email :smile:.



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I also have your (Wolf's) wing recipe, DDD. I have yet to try making it, but I saved it for you the last time you asked if some of us could.

Is there some kind of prize for those of us who have the recipe ... like being invited over to taste test the wings?


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The prizes have to fit in my car, Donna. I'm just making a quick
stop on a round trip drive after work. I don't think a new lawn
mower would fit. Sorry. DDD


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Well, I hope all of you guys come by my house this summer and we will all eat WINGS! :rofl: :thumb: :smile:



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You ain't lived, girl, til you have ate a plate of DDD wings.

How good are they???????????????

They so darn good you don't want to even think about dipping them
in anything!!!!!!!

IF I have to buy a truck to bring a lawn mower then I guess I'll
have to fill the remain truck bed space with wings..and..Cutty!
Although, truth be known, most of the time I get so busy pigging
out I forget to pour a Cutty! LOL DDD


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:smile: I just got a brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!! :bravo:

First we take the lawn mower out of the truck bed.
Next we set up lawn chairs next to the truck.
THEN we all talk, laugh, drink and be merry


toss our bones into the bed! :thumb:

I'll just put the pedal to the medal on my quick trip home and
the bones can blow on the soil from Pa. to Fl. adding nutrients
to the soil!

We will be environmentalists! :bow: DDD