Who should she talk to?

amelia d

Hope outweighs experience
My 19 y/o daughter, who has issues of her own with pot use and making solid choices, has run into a new problem I'm hoping you all can help with. She has a friend (really, the person who introduced her to drugs) who is living out of state and going to college. This girl had successfully completed a 9 month rehab program a year ago, but has now fallen into drugs again. She has told my daughter that she has been using cocaine and molly, and sounds like she is getting worse and worse. The last phone conversation they had, my daughter told her that she could not be friends with her anymore..that if she didn't care about her herself she couldn't invest anymore of herself into caring for her. My daughter is just heartbroken. She feels guilty for cutting her off and guilty for feeling relieved that she won't be home at Christmas, and concerned that she will harm herself. I told my daughter she needs to learn how to detach and not feel responsible for the decisions this girl makes. So my question, would al-anon programs be good for my daughter to experience? Are some programs designed more for specific issues/ages then others? How do I find a good one? I'm not finding any teen specific programs and don't want her in a position where she increases her chances of making connections for pot etc. since she herself is not out of the woods with drug use. Any ideas? We can go with private therapy, but we haven't had any real success with them in the past; and I'm thinking the sooner the better. All input is welcome..thanks everyone.