Who's up for a challenge?


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Definition: rebus
a puzzle where you decode a message consisting of pictures representing syllables and words

Who can cobble together a story using our emoticons? Ex:
"Once upon a time there was a :princess: that :smile: too much."
You get the idea.
Who can use the most emoticons? Come up with the best plot? Make us laugh hysterically? :rofl:


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Sorry, TM. My brain does not work that well at night - LOL!

I will enjoy reading this tomorrow though!!

:smile: Been dying to use this one!!!


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Once upon a time there was *all the town's people started :smile:

some :hammer:got really /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gifand told them to stop :smile:

Well some of them :rofl: and some of them :tears:some got :blush:

they all decided to take this problem to the :warrior:

She declared /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gifbe sent to the :smile: after spending some time with :smile: :madone changed into :smile:and sang while the town's people started back :smile:

My brains are constantly in "fried" mode after dealing with difficult children!!! However, I'll be checking this post frequently as I really need many, many laughs to get through most days with difficult children!!!

I'm just afraid my creativity is totally zapped right now. WFEN


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Once upon a time there was a woman named Sharon :princess:. She had two children, one difficult child :blush: and one easy child :smile:.

After many years of marriage, her bonehead :hammer:, I mean husband asked for a divorce :tears:. After the initial shock wore off :wildone: she realized that, no matter what happened, she would be ok.

So, time moved on. She had to fight alone for her son :warrior: since the bonehead wouldn't admit there was a problem. difficult child began to make progress and he began to laugh :rofl: and smile :grin: at life again :bravo:.

Her easy child hung in there and began to mature into a lovely young woman :princess: who always seems to have a "hot guy" trailing behind :blush: :confused:

Mom began to realize that her life was hers and she began to make improvements :smile:. It has been a tough journey :smile: but life is worth the living.

It is now February and 2.5 years since she has been alone. She is a happier person :grin: and her children are thriving :smile:. For the kids, the only thing that would make this month better is a little of this :smile: so they can :smile:, but so far it has just been *. But, mom knows that there is another benefit to February :smile:.

So, I offer a toast to all the :warrior:s out there and wish for all of you a little :smile: this month. I toast myself :smile: and all of us who struggle to raise these difficult children :crazy: while maintaining our sense of self.

I know that :smile: and you do too!!!!



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I had this all written last night and it timed out /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif.

Once upon a time we had a difficult child :smile: and she brought home her friend, another :smile: :smile:. I thought one was enough but now I just wanted to :hammer: and :tears:. For years :smile: did everything she could to :wildone: us and at times I had to resort to :smile: to get through the day. Then something strange happened and :smile: was hit by :smile: and she turned into :smile:. So :smile: friend was out the door :rofl: and we celebrated by :smile: and now husband and I :smile: lived happily ever after. :bravo: :bravo:



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One :smile: snowy day, I :smile: got up for work and had a :smile: but it was so stinkin hot :wildone: I ran outside practically naked and :smile: to get some feeling back in my body.

After getting dressed I realized my car would not start so I rode the :smile: to work, but didn't get far and ended up :princess: my way to the kitchen at 10:00 to :smile: - 10:00? :smile:

Several glasses later and left alone to my own guise in an empty house I watched a daytime drama and :tears:, I saw Comedy central and :rofl:, I watched IDOL and saw them vote off what I thought was the best singer /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif and then I saw some show about Talk with Sue... :blush: She's got to be like 100 and still - well you know...talking about it anyway. :bravo: I even caught up on MTV and spiked my hair with some gel and sang to my son's picture the Twisted Sister Song "We're not Gonna Take It" and caught my look in a mirror and knew.... :smile: Even 50 lbs overweight!

I wished later I hadn't had so many glasses of wine because now my head was :hammer: but it didn't matter....MTV's next song was Bon Jovi.....Shot through the Heart..... :smile: and me and the wine danced some more. Just then the Perfect Neighborhood Mom police knocked on my door and I answered it like this... :warrior: AVAST YE.....and she went screaming down the sidewalk. :wildone:

I even managed to wish the people on the CD Board.... :smile: In between medicinal necessary sips. :tongue: