Why it's really called "Boxing Day"

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mum2JK&TH, Dec 26, 2007.

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    Here in Canada we celebrate Boxing Day. I've never really understood why because I grew up in the states and don't ever remember celebrating it. Anyways, I think I have found out why it's called that.
    It's now 10:45 and I'd like to box every human creature in this house in the ears :grrr:
    I think I remember now this day being the worst for difficult child in previous years. The let down from all the excitement. He was extremely emotional this morning and then touchy this afternoon. We all had a great evening (other than difficult child refusing to go to the bathroom and passing gas continuously...anyone elses difficult child do this?). When it was time for bed, difficult child started. He wanted to do a sleepover that we said they could. However he wanted to do it when it was already past bedtime and he had dragged his behind as it was. They know better than to ask to put it together (they build a fort in pcs room) when we say it's bedtime. It's always to be done a head of time. Well, the tears, the woah-is-me, you promised, it's not fair, blah, blah, blah. Tried to explain to difficult child the whole responsibility thing. Nope, don't bother. At this point easy child did something to tick husband off so she got yelled at and that was it. When I tried to say goodnight to difficult child in his room he didn't want me and said he didn't care about anything. That's the cue, it's time to walk away. Guess husband missed that, he goes up and just starts antagonizing him. "Well then I guess you don't care about _______ then" difficult child says "no" of course husband says fine then you can't play it, this goes on several times until I am yelling at husband.
    What started off as a really nice evening has ended with no one talking.
    At least now I know why it's called Boxing Day.
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    It's the post-holiday letdown for everybody, I think. When they stop trying to be nice for the holiday, and you see the stress from 'holding it all in' break out. difficult child, husband, easy child - everybody.

    Time to throw a bucket of water over them to stop them fighting? It works for dogs.

    Hang in there. Tomorrow is another day.

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    I totally understand why you would want to box them in the years. I'm sorry it was such a yucky day and evening. I hope today is a much better day. by the way, the passing gas thing, my son does it all the time :rolleyes: