wiQuestion, Divorce occuring in stae of washington

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Jen, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Jen

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    My daughter has her appointment this coming Mon. with JAG. She is telling me that she heard that only 1 parent can have full custody of the child , not joint, anyone know if this is true?

    I know it must be cheaper for her to gothrough the military, but in regards to this part can a lawyer here in Ohio intervene so the custody is to both? I told her this would be bad, and make for ill feelings if not.

    Of course maybe in a way she is looking for this to be a blockbuster. She has been talking about divorce since last yr, but has always put it off as if she was waiting for something to change. She has to know her hubby would not go for this.

    They are both seeing other pple, but I think in part she wants to do this so she doesnt get in trouble with militqary, but I am sure she isnt the only one doing this.

  2. witzend

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    I don't think I understand your question. But her JAG would be the best person to give her advice on this, I would think.

    Sorry - It's sure to be a mess either way...
  3. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    I'm not sure I understand your questions, Jen.

    Full custody is full custody....100%

    You can have full custody with one parent with "visitation" awarded to the other parent.

    Joint custody is shared custody...50% of the time to each or however they divide the time.

  4. Jen

    Jen New Member

    What I am saying and my post didnt spell out right is, is it true for the state of washington that there is no such thing as shared custody? She is trying to tell me that is what she has heard. I cannot beleive that, and I really dont want to see her pull a stupid stunt like this.
    My sister in law ,even though he has alot of fault in where they are at, at this time, he doesnt deserve to be treated this way. He is so laid back, and non assertive that he does what is asked, but he doesnt think for himself nor is he assertive.

    That is my question. I thought if someone was from that state they could give me an honest answere.

  5. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Got it.

    I have no idea. She needs to consult an attorney (her JAG) for this kind of guidance.

  6. CrazyinVA

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    Definitely need a Washington attorney to answer that question. I can tell you that an Ohio lawyer wouldn't do much good, #1 he/she wouldn't know the WA laws to give any advice, and #2 he's not licensed to practice law in WA so he can't actually DO anything.

    You might google Washington and Divorce and Custody and see what comes up. There are a few sites out there that summarize the laws in various states.. That's no substitute for real legal advice, of course.
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    I was going to suggest what crazy did. Google divorce law in washington state. There are some great informational websites that I got a lot of preliminary information on when beginning to write my settlement.

    Is there a reason she wants sole custody? Does she feel he will not be a good parent? Or perhaps is she doing it for spite? I don't ever believe that one parent should do anything to sever the tie between child and the other parent - unless of course there are circumstances where the child would nto be safe with the other parent.