Wood floors


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We just moved from one home to another...different city.
Anyway, the new home has dark, wood floors. They have a slight wave to them. They are beautiful. What a luck out...the former owners just installed them and then they had to move (long story).

I was wondering if by chance anyone has dark wood floors or for some reason has worked with floors like this?

I'll you tube cleaning this type of floor momentarily.

But, wondering if anyone has any personal experience in which they can advise me re: cleaning.

Some specific questions:
1. I have a small dog. Is it safe for my dog to walk on wood floors (nails)?
2. I like to use a Bissell cordless vacuum. I've been using it with the rotating brush off and only turning it on briefly when some lint or something wont come up . Is this type of appliance considered safe on a wood floor?3. What do you use to dust the wood floor? They are dark so dust shows up.
4. How often do people typically wash a wood floor? There is a product in the garage...haven't fully explored that yet. I will problem. use this product.

many many thanks


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I love mine. My dog walks on them all the time. I use the vacuum on them. Invest in a swifter. I use products for wood floors when necessary for cleaning and polishing. Enjoy


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I have dark hardwood floors all over my downstairs, even the kitchen. I sweep every day. Every few days I use a mop with a flat bottom that has velcro on the bottom, some cleaning cloth thing is velcroed to it, I use it and throw it in the wash. I bought a Murphys Oil soap for floors that you squirt right on the floor and quickly mop it up. I reuse the bottle with one capful of Murphys Oil Soap and fill the bottle up with warm water. Hardwood floors are the best!