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    I am working on a project at work for large labels that will be put on postcards for marketing. They will be Avery 3.5" by 5". I want to put verbiage on the left, and addresses on the right. Is there a way to split the label itself into two columns? Or should I just use two smaller labels?
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    I'm not sure. Have you gone to the Avery site or MSN Office site to see if there's a template?
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    Hmmmm, good question.

    I don't know if you can split a label function, but you might be able to change your paper-size to cardstock and use a columns function in something like MS Word or perhaps Excel.
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    I'd be glad to do it for you, but you have to have a program (relatively inexpensive) from Broderbund to be able to read it. I have platinum card maker and it does EVERYTHING.

    Check it out on line or at Staples - I can do the most amazing things with labels now - I'm the envy of our local post office. Instead of everyone going on about them I showed them the program and told them how and where to get it too - You can even put YOUR picture on the label (THAT WOULD be a NICE TOUCH)

    For us it's been worth it's weight -
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    Come to think of it - I can probably do it in MS Word - you'd just need to email me the picture / design and the wording.

    YOU CAN DO THIS = just make sure you can see the size of the paper in WORD, make the margins .5 and then the left to right - 5" and the top to bottom margins .5 and then the top to bottom 3" (whatever size)

    When you get one text box made you would copy or use the little paint brush and paste =

    then do it again for the bottom 2

    Then add one text box inside the big box for your logo and and another one for your wording.

    { } [ ]

    [ ] [ ]

    look like this with your logo and words when you were done .

    If you need further help or confusion - email me.
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    Starbie, I'm going to PM you Sunday or Monday, if that's ok. I'm bushed right now, and I have a filthy house and people coming for dinner tomorrow. I'm too frazzled to understand what you said! I'll look at it and get back to you if that's ok?