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    Well, we have a worker for difficult child 1 that is supposed to be working on transitioning with her. Bus routes, jobs, shopping etc. Had not been able to get her on the phone. Had never talked to her and have never met her. This was set up through the dhs worker. Well sure enough she calls today while we are in the hospital for gfg2s evaluations and so I didn't get the call.

    I listened to the message and she says on it that she is just doing welfare checks etc. :crazy2: I didn't get that. She is in a state supervised facility why would she need welfare checks.

    Sooo when I was on the phone with dhs worker going over what we had done with difficult child 2 today I asked her what Worker E was supposed to be doing with difficult child 1. She said exactly what I thought. So I told her about the message. Dhs worker was duly confused also. So I returned call to Wroker E and of course got voicemail (she never answers). I left message saying how confused I was etc and to please call back. Would have liked to set up a meeting with her when we go to see difficult child 1 on Sunday but if she doesn't call back that proves to be difficult.

    So now I get to wait and find out what is going on with this. Ugh.

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    :slap: :crazy2: :rolleyes: :nonono:

    That's about all I can say about that!!! Hope you get it straightened out Beth.

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    As there is a communication break down, I'd call a team meeting (I know - just what you don't need, another meeting) to get this cleared up right now - at the start of things. With all that is going on with your difficult child you want it set up from the beginning correctly or the mess that needs to be cleaned up with be huge.

    Keep us updated on this worker's thoughts on her job description - I don't think she has it down.
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    I hope she gets back to you so you can meet with her ASAP!

    I agree with LDM - :crazy2: :hammer:
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    The problem with this is we had the staffing which we always start with the team meating aspect and she didn't show up. I will get all over this though.

    As she didn't call back yesterday that means I am sure she won't today being a Saturday. So there goes my idea of meeting her at the session tommorow.

    When we set up the next time we will be there I will be getting on to her with it and not letting go (think of a dog with a bone).