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    gosh I am just feeling so worried and trying not to let it overtake my life.... my son posted some stuff on his fb account that really worries me. Stuff about how he wishes he wasn't being drug tested because he just wants to stick a needle in his arm to get numb. He sounds like he is hurting and pretty depressed. The latest one was something about someone help me because she won't..... So thank God he is on probation and being drug tested because that may be the only thing keeping him from using right now if it is even doing that! I know that he tends to reall be dramatic on FB to get sympathy and my hope that is what is happening. Of course I have no way of knowing. I don't want to put anything on his wall because I don't want him to unfriend me. He did text me yesterday about something and I asked how he was doing... he said pretty good... and today I just texted him asking if he would like to go to dinner some time. I think, or I know, that really that is all I can do. I need to let him find his way and offer suggestions if he asks me which he is not.

    I just am so scared that his bottom might be death.... and I don't know how I will live with that if it comes to that. I have to hold on to the hope that he has more self preservation than that.

    I just hate feeling so helpless... why can't I just gather him in my arms and love him like when he was a little boy??? I really want to just kiss it and make it better.[/PHP][/CENTER]
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    Most likely he will do nothing especially if he hasn't in the past. But if you are really worried or just need a clear conscience you could have police check on him. You could do this annomously. -RM
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    If he is like my difficult child he is writing this stuff for sympathy. My difficult child would write stuff like that and then I would talk to her and she would be fine, or she would be posting on her friends' walls and be joking around. So I was always left wondering what was the real story.

    I'm so sorry you are in that worry cycle again. It was so nice when he was in treatment and you could sleep at night and not spend the whole day worrying. It's easy to say don't worry but you and I both have that same fear, that the drugs will finally kill them. It's a horrible way to live.

    Who do you think he meant by "she won't"? Was he talking about his girlfriend? Can you text her or call her without him knowing to check things out? It's not good that he would use if he weren't being drug tested because there will come a time when the drug testig is over or the urge is too great.

    I'm sorry. Hoping that he stablizes soon.

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    Thanks....your difficult child and mine are so similar...good thing they dont know each other. Lol. Yes i am sure he is partly writing it for effect and sympathy...i dont dare text his girlfriend because if he found out he would be so mad. I am guessing the she is his girlfriend. i do think if something really bad happened either shecor the dad where he is staying would call me. I have to hold on to that.