WOW! They actually passed it!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Stella Johnson, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Lawmakers make a final push for mental health bill
    WASHINGTON — A landmark law requiring employers to provide mental health insurance benefits comparable to their medical coverage cleared Congress today and was signed by President Bush.
    The mental health "parity" bill was tacked onto the financial bailout package that passed the Senate Wednesday and the House of Representatives today.

    I'm still in shock. Every plan I have had was pathetic when it came to mental health care coverage. High deductibles, limits on psychiatric now either all our employers will lower our medical coverage to the pathetic level of our mental health coverage or they will actually improve something for a change.

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    Wow - that's great!!! Thanks for sharing. :)
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    I thought I read somewhere that this required more of insurance companies, too. I might not have read it correctly, but I interpreted it to say that if an insurance company covered a certain amount for physical health, they would now be required to cover the same amount for mental health.

    Of course, now insurance rates will go up so employers providing insurance will pay employees less. But, if nothing else, it does help us with difficult child's and aid in public awareness, in my humble opinion.

    What makes me feel really good is knowing that all those people trying to get the message out to politicians finally got heard.
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    it is about time
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    steph very cool. thanks for sharing that.
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    Yes, it means it has to be covered the same way as it would any regular doctor visit. If you have a $25 copay and no deductible for doctor visit, same goes for a psychiatric visit. If you go into a mental health facility they have to cover it at the same percentage as they would if you were hospitalized with a physical health condition.

  7. susiestar

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    I am in SHOCK!!!! THis is fantastic, and very much overdue!

    It will mean our insurance MUST provide practitioners in our area. We currently have almost every medical doctor in town on our plan, but only 5 psychologists and no psychiatrists. So to take Jess to the therapist (as we are scheduled for now and will have to pay all of iwth reimbursement) means that there is no one. Cause none of the 5 tdocs will treat kids. There is ONE therapist on plan who treats kids, but he only treats boys with certain problems (NOTHING rooted in a "medical" cause like BiPolar (BP), or a neuro cause like Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)) and the boys must be between 13 and 17. He has a full practice with a 6 month waiting list. He is actually therapist number 6, but really doesn't count.

    I am so happy with this! Finally something GOOD tacked on to a bill!!
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    Unbelievable. I am still waiting for the caveat. Has anyone heard the other shoe drop yet?