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    Very moving, I really like the darkness of his writing. I know that sounds nuts, but my difficult child also wrote very dark stuff and I enjoyed it mostly because I knew it was an outlet for her. I'm glad that Manster has this outlet as well and kudos to you for recognizing his talent! Be careful if you find him a coach - you want someone who will allow him to express himself the way in which he is most comfortable and using words he feels are appropriate. difficult child had a teacher who was always trying to make her scrap the dark stuff and write in ways the teacher felt were more 'positive and appropriate' for a girl her age....argh.

    Yay for Manster!
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    He writes like this at 12 years old????? I say you most definitely have a future author there!!!!!
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    Very impressive.
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    Love his descriptive style!
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    I'm impressed with his descriptions ~ is he sharing this level of emotions with you? I mean can he verbally express himself to this level?
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    Wow! I'd do whatever you can to encourage his writing! This at 12? This boy has a gift with words. Awesome! :D Hmmmm can you sneak us bits from time to time? lol I'm dying to know where he's going with this. ;)
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    He takes after his Aunt. :beautifulthing: Not every writer is Erma Bombeck! It has hints of Frost....and a little Salvador Dali on paper.
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    Definitely a gifted writer!
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    Thanks everyone. TL, he doesn't typically express himself with this level of sophistication.

    Auntie Star, manster still talks about that time you were kicked off your horse in thorns and *stuff*. If he turns out to be half the writer you are he'll be lucky. I still think you should do something with your gift.
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    I can help with resources if you like ML, there's lots of author resources out there for him. Nanowrimo.org has a program for young authors and Nanowrimo (in November) contest is coming up soon. It's an awesome opportunity for him (and you Star). His level of descriptors is impressive! I could feel the emotion in the paragraph as if it were me experiencing the situation, it grabbed me and kept me quite easily. Very talented young man!