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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jules71, Nov 16, 2007.

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    I saw my medical doctor last month or so because I was having lots and lots of anxiety (mostly over difficult child and school, but also just in general). She increased my dosage of fluoxetine (prozac) and prescribed xanax .25 mg to take every 8 hours. I was taking it around noon and then at bedtime and it seemed to be working for me. I just started to notice I wasn't as anxious anymore. When I went back in for a follow up, she told me to only take it at night now and to go off of it. Why wouldn't she keep me on it if it was working? Is this not something you can take regularly?
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    Xanax is extremely addictive. She is trying to wean you off. It's more to be used as an aid to therapy, to help you stay calm enough to work on issues and correct them.

    If you are in a situation that you can't change of your own accord (like having a 5 y/o difficult child) there are other anti-anxieties that are less addictive. I hope that you will talk to your doctor about other rx options.
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    I take 1mg everyday and I think I would be destroyed without it. In fact, my panic attacks started returning, so I'm getting scared.

    For me, it's a regular medication... I'm semi-new to it, myself, but I'll pass the question along to my psychiatrist.

    P.S. So far...no addiction. :smile: No sleep, either, though, so maybe that's why. Heh...

    Plus, I'm not a big fan of pills.

    Jules: You're lucky .25mgs actually works! If only I could be so lucky!

    If your doctor is taking you off, I truly hope your body cooperates and lets you continue sleeping. <3
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    Thanks Gals.

    I was having major sleep problems prior to starting this medication too. I even had a sleep study done to find out why I could not sleep. No sleep apnea. I realized it was because my brain would never turn off long enough for me to stop worrying about everything. As soon as I started taking it, I slept like a baby the whole night thru. I used to wake up 20+ times per night. Since I have gone from taking 2 per day to just one at night, I am still sleeping better than I used to, but am waking up a couple times per night. Maybe I should ask her if there is something else I could take. She just told me to make lifestyle changes, go out with some girlfriends, join a gym. I can hardly eliminate the majority of my stressors (5 y.o. difficult child and 8 mo. baby).
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    I don't really sleep. because of various reasons... If you read my signature you can figure it out!!! I like it at times. I feed off of the high... the mania. But I know it is not good for me.

    Zoloft helped me for the anxiety and insomnia in the beginning, I know Ambian helps some... not me.
    So far I am liking the Trazodone, I know in high doses it is bad... but in low it helps.

    I also like melotonin... calms forte... if you want the medication free route. But they only help me when I am not really bad...

    Good luck, not sleeping is not fun...
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    I take the mildest dose of xanax and break those in half but only take them on an as needed basis.

    My difficult child has daily struggles, my mom is on Hospice and living with me and husband is self employed with up and down months regarding income. Sometimes I just gotta take 1/2 a xanax now and then to stay sane and not bite everyones head off. So far for me no addiction. I figure I only take one about twice a week.

    Some people have issues with this but hey what about those people that drink a glass or 2 of wine every night??? What's the diff?
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    Xanax is a benzodiazapine...
    Generally meant for short term use... Very, Very addicting...
    Be careful using it. There are better medications available for longer treatment of anxiety.
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    husband takes Paxil and it has helped his anxiety levels a bit. He falls asleep it seconds -- always has, though. (And I suspect he has a mood disorder).

    difficult child 1 takes Lexapro for anxiety and is a much happier kid for it.

    I take Norpramine and it works great for my particular anxiety issues.

    Talk to your doctor about alternatives if your current therapies are not working as well as before.
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    Have taken xanax off and on for many years. Same for many I know. I guess if you have an addictive personality it is a problem. When prescribed to treat a genuine problem it is not as addictive as many claim.

    This is info from ALL of my doctors. Sorry some have problems, but that is the case with all medications.