XMAS Dread - What to get the difficult child who has everything already?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by jal, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I don't know about you, but I don't know what to get difficult child for Xmas. He is an only child and always will be T.G. for modern medicine!! HAHA! He has video game systems (some left over from husband's earlier years -PS2 and Nintendo 64) and last yr received his own DS. He has a top of the line bike, a battery run jeep (from his 3rd b-day from husband's estranged father & step mother), a scooter (forget name, but big last year), a bouncy house, now internet access with-brand new monitor, a boston terrier (she was free-bless her heart), clothes, books, etc, etc, etc. I don't know what to get this difficult child. I've asked him for a Santa list (he still believes) and haven't gotten a lot from him. He's demanding in so many ways, but never when it comes down to what do you want. He gave my mom a few ideas yesterday and she acted upon them today with-my approval (she's awesome!).

    A few things we are thinking about are: an ice cream ball (he loves ice cream), a metal detector (he loves to search for things) and I was thinking a rock polisher. I had one around his age and loved it. I have polished rocks that were given to me by my college v-ball coach. They were her incentive to keep us doing well academically, while playing professional college v-ball. He loves and covets them. But the polishers are $$$.

    Anyone have some less $$ ideas?

    Tough times this year...Any suggestion is appreciated!
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Movie tickets
    Magazine subscription
    Bowling/mini-golf gift certificates
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    Blank books for a coin collection - you can get the one with all of the States since they mint coins for each one - You can go to the bank and get a couple of rolls of different coins - let him go thru and find the ones he needs then take the rest back to the bank. I find when I am out of ideas for my gkids, I visit Michaels - they have tons of crafts for boys/girls. I was looking for a doll for gd, and found a doll with a regular doll head, but body was cloth and they sold clothes for it separately so am going with that. Ya don't do anything but dress it - no diaper changes, no feeding, no crying, puking, no crawling after you, no making noise when you happen to walk by. Its been a hunt in regular stores trying to find a doll thats just a doll and the only thing you need is an imagination.

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    How bout for a boy...the Home Depot work bench? It is awesome! It comes with all these working tools that make noise and light up. Friend of mine is getting one of them for her grandkid. You can look it up on amazon.

    Of course, something I saw that I was thinking of getting for mine was the new Leapfrog TAG system but I am going to wait another year. Spent too much on Keyana already. I got the TAG Jr for Hailie though. Its a reading system.

    How bout a swingset or something like that.
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    How about some gift cards to his favorite pizza place? or somewhere he likes to go to eat, like McDonalds? (Things that you'd end up paying for anyway, Christmas or not)