Yeast Elimation Diet (for those with yeast allergies)

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    Yeast and molds are hidden in many foods today. Reading labels will not disclose yeast/mold contacts entirely because yeast/mold is a naturally occurring substance. Think how the food was prepared to also avoid yeast/mold.

    Major Sources of Yeat/Mold:
    Yeast breads, rolls, (especially homemade)
    Sourdough Breads
    Sweet Yeast breads (cinnamon rolls, raised doughnuts, ect)
    Vingear..anything pickled
    Salad Dressings
    Fermented Beverages:
    Root Beer
    Mushrooms, Truffles, Morels

    Aged Cheese:
    Sour cream
    Cottage cheese
    Dried Fruits, Jerky and other dried meats.

    Hidden Sources of Yeast/Mold:

    Anything enriched or fortified with vitamines (most vitamines are yeast based)
    Rice Cereals
    Commercial Gravies and Sauces
    All fruit and Begetable Juices (unless homemade)
    anything aged or dried:

    Malt Products:
    Ice Cream Malted Drinks
    All Cheeses, cream cheese, Margarine
    Pickled and smoked meats:
    Luncheon Meats
    Corned Beef

    Yeast Free Alternatives:

    Homemade breads and biscuits using baking powder and non-enriched flours.
    Non-enriched flours available at most super food stores and health food stores.
    Salad Dressing..use lemon jice squeezed into appropriate oils.
    Juices-Squeeze or prepare your own using healthy produce.
    Spices-Grow your own or buy fresh and freeze without drying.
    Vitamines-Read can readily find vitamins now without yeast.

    Sources of Yeast-Free Products:

    Health food stores have many yeast-free products. Yeast and molds are members of the Fungi Family. This family is very closesly realted and most patients sensitive to yeast are also sensitive to the other members of the Fungi Family.

    Note- Be careful of root vegatables like potatoes, carrots and turnips. They contain mold. Wash them very carefully and do not eat the peelings or root vegetables. It is best to have someone esle wash and peel these vegetables. Leftovers should be frozen and not just refrigerated.

    Remember- If you are on sublingual neutralizing drops or food shots, you do not have to eliminate the hidden sources, but use four day rotation with the major sources.

    Poor Nate..I forgot about the Root Beer! eek! He has had some at grandma's...oh and duh me I just realized he just LOVES those root beer popsilces of their's too...CRAVES them and can get nasty when he does have them...I thought it was the red dye 40 in them! He had one once at her house and then asked for another one and she said no and he STOLE one out of the refrig...first time he ever stole anything...

    I tell you yeast makes this kid act like a drug addict...he just HAS to have I hope he never ever takes a drink of beer...that will be the end if he does with the yeast in that...(shaking my head) I dread those teenage years... :frown: . Somehow I have got to instill in him how he cannot EVER touch liguior...EVER... :frown: He'll end up just like his dad or worse...
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