Zeroing in on the Causes of Autism

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    Zeroing in on the Causes of Autism - National Geographic

    Autism research is finally turning its focus to the impact of environmental toxins and finding that exposures to a number of common chemicals—particularly during pregnancy—plays a major role.

    While there are steps parents can take to minimize their exposure to chemicals, from buying organic fruits and vegetables to avoiding plastic food storage containers and making their own nontoxic cleaners, it is impossible for any parent to completely steer clear of potentially harmful exposures that can come from furniture, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, or school gymnasiums, to name but a few.

    The more research that unfolds connecting autism to chemical exposures, the more it becomes clear that our outdated chemical policy is posing a direct harm to the nation’s children.
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    This was good until the end, and then it was highly editorialized. Interesting that Nat'l Geo is on the bandwagon. :)