1. C

    Sons ADHD medication dosage not changed/Wild Sick child in car waiting with sick grandpa in am!!!

    appointment was yesterday and Dr kept 20mg of Vyvanse until the next appointment in 3 months! Well, its not helping him when he did take it like the 10 mg of Adderall did with his schoolwork! ( had to change cuz 10mg added more tantrums). But he did raise the Clonidine pill to 1 hole pill instead of half a...
  2. EmJay

    Is it weird that this makes me excited?

    We have our referral for Occupational Therapist (OT) for Sensory Processing! And the Dr. Changed his medicine from Adderall to Vyvanse 40mg
  3. S

    Introducing myself

    I've been lurking on the forum for a week or so now, reading and learning. I thought it was time to introduce myself; the forum has already proved to be a huge help in our ongoing struggle to find effective treatment for our difficult child. I'm a divorced and re-married (not officially yet, lol) single...
  4. J

    difficult child got caught selling precription controlled substances over the internet.

    Ugh, My oldest daughter just got a new car, I see the sheriff's office number on my caller id, I am like is she okay? I just assumed she'd been in a wreck, well lo and behold, she say's she's okay and I have her here. To me that sounded like a prisoner. I knew then it was difficult child. Oh my, this kid...
  5. juliabohemian

    Is it wrong that I don't even like her anymore?

    This is my first post here, so I realize that this is probably disgustingly rhetorical. Allow me to explain. I'm a 31 year old mother of two. I have Adhd, depression and a borderline personality disorder of my own. My almost 8 year old daughter has severe Adhd with ODD. My husband and 5 year...