Sons ADHD medication dosage not changed/Wild Sick child in car waiting with sick grandpa in am!!!

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    appointment was yesterday and Dr kept 20mg of Vyvanse until the next appointment in 3 months! Well, its not helping him when he did take it like the 10 mg of Adderall did with his schoolwork! ( had to change cuz 10mg added more tantrums). But he did raise the Clonidine pill to 1 hole pill instead of half a pill before bed. The mornings and afternoon the same ( 1/4 and 1/4). ( it was 0.1 a whole pill????)

    Dr said he probably has Gas or Acid Reflux because son always complaining about wanting to throw up but yet own reg pediatrician said he be fine its problem just the pill uggh!!!!!!!!! Well, my grandpa's care taker quit as I mentioned he has an appointment in the am, son is staying home from school and has a Dr appointment afternoon... but in the morning because I cant drive on post, my father has to, my sick dad and son has to wait in car close to 2 hours because I have to take my grandfather in to his appointment. Now, I dont my taking him but in this situation we tried begging his old caretaker that has quit- but yet still getting paid this week ( severance package my grandpa calls it) to help us out tomorrow and she said good luck! Ha!!! Although my son is sick, 98% time he still flies off the walls!!! He cant go in anywhere, can take him back home cuz of the drive ( my dad cant hack handling back and fourth back etc) I can see it now, security will be called in the parking lot because my son will be yelling, etc to get out of the car. He cant go into the appointment neither can my dad. :( Bronchitis or similar I believe for both.

    Daughter still mad at me well.. again cuz I had to cancel going to the movies due to me taking care of two sick elderly adults, sick son , caring for two houses!!! Uggh!!! Im not even working yet!!! I told her to go alone, or with my dad ( although hes too sick to sict in a theater .. coughing...or ask the girl next door ) I feel sooo bad to hurt her feelings :(

    Just needed to vent
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    Isn't there a reception area where pts wait to be seen by the dr for your dad? I'd take son in there. If he has a small PSP he could play it there, and you could bribe him with-a trip to McDonald's or something.
    I'm sorry his only diagnosis is ADHD. He's definitely got something else going on.
    You are right to ask for a referral ANY TIME. Do not let your pediatrician make you feel like that.
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    P.S. I lost count after I changed pediatricians 3X, by the way. I had to find someone I could work with. YOU are in charge.
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    Well, to have waited downstairs was talked about but because he has been off his medications ..besides refusal to take it, hes sick and needed albuterol which raised his heart rate so.. no adhd medications. But im not sure of a play place there- but with him sick and my dad, no. Plus my son was in middle of tantrum so my grandfather never went although my dad offered to take him on his own. I have another dr in the same group ( insc reasons) and will see what he says, if things with him dont work out, Ill switch.

    Im glad you finally found a pediatrician that was willing to help :)