1. S

    21-year-old pregnant, we are overwhelmed

    I've found tremendous support in this forum on a difficult topic that many can't relate to. The detachment article was so powerful to read. Our 21-year-old daughter, L, has subjected us to years of emotional, financial abuse, and even physical threats. Despite moving out at 18 and us...
  2. Chloesmom

    Daughter homeless with Bipolar depression

    This is my first time posting a thread. My 21 yr old daughter has bipolar disorder and it’s been such a struggle. She moved out last December, was depressed then manic, was hospitalized, got the mania under control but she still made bad choices that got her evicted. We haven’t allowed her to...
  3. K

    Drawing boundaries and not being ruled by sadness and guilt

    Hi everyone, My name is Kristi and I have an adult son who was born a brilliant and beautiful young man and yet in his teenage years (divorce/unkind father/me trying to sit ice my marriage/early and undiagnosed signs of major depression) he started using drugs and over the last 10 years he’s...
  4. Elsi

    How do you help a homeless and suicidal son?

    Hi, I’m new here and hoping to find some perspective and advice. I am trying to figure out how to help my 32 year old son, C. He’s always struggled but is at a crisis point now and I don’t know whether the answer is ‘hold firm on the tough love/non-enabling line’ or ‘throw him a stronger life...
  5. M

    New to Setting Boundaries-What Do You Think?

    I posted the other day about my difficult child and got some amazing responses. My difficult child (Difficult Child, 18), daughter (15), and I are on a quick get away visiting my younger brother. Brother doesn't have a lot of room so Difficult Child is staying with him and daughter and I are staying in a hotel nearby...