self harm

  1. runawaybunny

    Steep rise in self-poisonings in children and adolescents

    Self-poisonings incidence in young people has nearly doubled in the last decade Self-harm from self-poisoning in children and adolescents is not only increasing but starting at a younger age, finds new research by University of Sydney and the NSW Poisons Information Centre. Published in BMJ...
  2. ChiefDramatist

    Heartbroken; 12 yo precious daughter referred to residential

    12 year old has been inpatient for almost 6 weeks. Suicidal ideation. Depression. Anxiety. Self harm (cutting). First length was just under 3 weeks, but ended up back in hospital 3 days after discharge. Second stay was almost 2 weeks. Did two days of partial (daytime) therapy (Thursday and...
  3. runawaybunny

    Research documents link between nightmares and self-harm

    New research from Florida State University finds a link between nightmares and self-injurious behavior, such as cutting or burning oneself. The findings are similar to previous research showing other sleep problems, such as nightmares, insomnia and trouble falling asleep, are linked to suicide...
  4. Mamaang

    Major struggles with 18 & 15 Year Old and husband travels

    I found this forum last week as I was desperately trying to find advice on what to do about my 18 year old son who is a senior in high school. We discovered he had been smoking pot last year. We started drug testing him and started taking away privileges. At this point, we've taken the doors off...